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Do sex toys scare me…anymore?

It all started with a silly little tweet about my latest naughty adventure – a new video – that was available for anyone who has an inclination towards those kinds of things. I know I’m not the best “salesperson” online, but every now and then I do try to “promote” the items that make ‘Andee’ who she is online … you know, the naughty bits.

TMI Tuesday | Orgasms & AndeeMy friend Miles responded by asking me if there was a time when things like my sex toys were intimidating.


And still … yes.

Now, for the longer explanation.

My first experience with a sex toy came when I was 18. I’d been with my boyfriend for a couple years at that point and, without question, we were rapidly discovering a whole new level of sexual adventure and excitement. A few weeks earlier we had been enjoying a quiet night at home with a bottle of wine and lots of foreplay. For some reason, I thought I would really blow his mind and use the now-empty wine bottle as a sex toy. The reaction from him was 10 times better than the sensation for me. Somewhere in my sexual psyche I had just figured out how powerful this visual torment could be.

It wasn’t long after I was the recipient of a proper, cock-shaped, c-battery powered vibrator. It was a very vanilla replication of a man’s cock. I think it was about six inches long, hard plastic and moulded like a very veiny penis. I never really figured out why it was so veiny, because it wasn’t something I could truly determine while it was in use. Later versions of the vibrating fake penis in my life where softer material and provided a much more accurate feeling. Veiny or not, hard plastic is hard plastic.

I still remember quiet clearly how nervous I was to use it after I opened the packaging. A lot of that intimidation was purely because I had no experience with such a thing, and was a little apprehensive over the idea of having something like it inside me. Add to that was the now-expected reality of allowing him to watch me use it – and allowing him to use it on me.

It’s definitely one thing to do spontaneous silly sexual experiments after a couple drinks – and another to incorporate foreign objects into your sex life as a habit.

The sensation of a vibrator sliding into you is hard to describe – especially to an audience that, for the most part, doesn’t have a vagina. And I can’t even say “try slipping one into your ass” to compare … because in my experience, that sensation is also different – despite only being a thin layer of tissue further south.

It was … weird … at first. It still is, to be honest. It’s a very unique sensation, but pleasant. For me, I won’t ever reach an orgasm without clitoral stimulation. That’s just the way I’m built. And most women are the same. However, the feeling of this vibrating shaft inside you certainly fires up all those nerves that help with drawing out an orgasm.

After a couple years of continued experimentation, I finally settled on something that has become my trusted “go to”. Small, but powerful, there’s nothing intimidating to it at all. When I masturbate I focus specifically on the area of my clit that will produce an orgasm; rarely do I perform any penetration. For me, that part of masturbation is really for an audience – be it you or my husband.

But that isn’t to say I haven’t continued to explore the “intriguing.”

I think the next true “frightening” toy that came my way was this huge hard plastic wand I received as a hostess gift for a lingerie and toy party I held (a different blog topic). It came with a small bullet vibrator you put in the middle of the long shaft. It took me a very long time to realize that this toy wasn’t actually meant for vaginal insertion (no, I didn’t discover it that way). Suffice to say, the bullet was repurposed and the plastic “bat” quietly disappeared.

It’s starting to seem like “hard plastic” is the issue for me … hmm.

The vibrator that prompted my friend to ask recently whether or not I experienced any fear over “moving parts” was, actually, the next step in my sex toy adventure. Long before they became an orgasmic sensation from the hype of Sex in the City, I had learned about this kind of toy. I was very intrigued by it, and can say it was the first sex toy I bought completely on my own – knowing my husband would hardly complain about my decision.

By the time I found it in the store, I had already become rather enthusiastic about the idea of the multiple options provided by this toy. I’m sure you can relate to the idea of being so excited for something helps eliminate the apprehension and nerves. I recall driving just a little faster on the way home from the sex shop. I was more than ready for a whole new orgasm by the time I packed the AAs into the handle and set the magic in motion.

It didn’t disappoint … several times that first afternoon.

Thinking back on my sex toy adventures, I would really have to say that the only thing that still ‘rattles’ me a little when I think about it, are the very large rubber dildos I have. These things are modelled after some very big cocks – the kind of size that is an honest rarity and reality in (I hazard to say) the huge majority of women’s sexual experience. Yes, guys will respond to this with the typical “you ain’t seen mine, baby.” But, as much as you want to believe there are an abundance of big dicks out there, statistics show that fact is more about big egos than big packages.

The average erect penis measures in around 5.5 inches. And, frankly, a ruler should never be part of your flesh-on-flesh sex life anyway.

My largest dildo measures in around 9 inches and is easily the biggest thing I have had inside me. Yes, the feeling is incredible, deep, hot … take any sexual adjective you can find and use it. BUT, the idea of getting something that big into me always makes my knees weak – and not with sexual delight. While massive cocks might be an ego boost in the locker room, they hurt like hell in the pussy. Perhaps one of mainstream porn’s biggest myths…

Despite having two children vaginally and a somewhat healthy sex life, it is this act that intimidates me the most. Strange as it may seem, the idea of many moving, vibrating parts – buzzing bunny ears, rotating micro-pearls and a twisting rubber head drizzled with a warming lube designed to heighten her experience – are less frightening to me than kneeling above a 9-inch rubber monster while wearing only a pair of stiletto heels and easing myself onto it. The vibrator I know will produce an orgasmic response from my body – riding the huge cock really won’t. The sensation of being so completely filled in a sexual sense is exciting, especially when I know how much of a turn on it is to my husband (and you guys) to watch me ride it – and while it rubs my tonsils from down below, it doesn’t rub be where those nerve endings will take me to sexual nirvana.

Videos bannerTo me, the idea of the performance – and meeting the expectations of the audience – is far more intimidating than using a toy with a lot of moving parts. And, in my experience, that’s what a lot of those toys are really about – performing. My girlfriends will occasionally admit when the subject arises that, for the most part, a very simple external massager is what curls the toes. Masturbation for the sake of masturbation isn’t nearly as engaging as masturbation for the sake of getting others to masturbate.

And with all that said, it’s very important – extremely important – that men understand nothing will ever replace the feeling of having a real, in-the-flesh rock hard cock sliding into you. There’s no mechanical device that will ever replace that sensation and level of intimacy. So, there really doesn’t need to be any fear of being replaced by a vibrator.

But don’t be afraid to enjoy the show, either.

Andee     xoxo


8 utterly false beliefs about Andee

When I launched my website back in 2002, I never imagined I would still be doing it today. And while 13 years may not seem like a lot, in the “amateur porn” industry, it really is a lifetime. You guys have watched me evolve, both physically and emotionally, through a very key part of my adult life – from my mid-20s to now. And even though “Andee” is a small part of who I really am, she is also an important part of how I arrived at so many experiences and friendships.

porn_on_the_netAnd, equally so, there remains many misconceptions surrounding amateur porn, “Andee” and my life because of it.

8 utterly false things about me that people think are true

1. Since I have an adult website, I must also be an escort/prostitute

I’m not sure what it is about some people, but when they discover a woman who has some very … boring … reasons to dabble in the opportunity presented by the Internet (ie, adult photos), they automatically assume that she is available for hire for sexual services; that somehow, because I get naked for the camera, I have no qualms about giving it up to any man with a few shekels in his pocket. My website is not an invitation for sex; it really is a much more boring reality: I wanted to explore my exhibitionist side. I have never exchanged sexual services for money, nor do I have any intention of doing so in the future.

Please stop asking.

2. I’m oblivious to the nasty comments

In all the time I have been playing on the Internet, this is the one thing that I have never gotten used to and never truly understood. Without question, I have made some wonderful friends online – people that I may never meet face-to-face. These men and women have come to know me much better through the marvels of the Internet. But unfortunately, I have also discovered others who have nothing better to do than send the most vile and hate-filled words. I’ve been called almost every imaginable degrading label you can apply to a woman, accused of breaking up marriages and had threats made against me – all of that anonymously, of course.

But I have to accept that the same Internet that allows me to freely explore and express my sexuality in a somewhat “anonymous” fashion also affords the trolls the same anonymity to disperse their vitriol under the guise of freedom of speech.

3. It’s all about the money

Truth be told, it’s almost the complete opposite. I started my website – and my very first posts online before then – as a way to create a bit of fun and spice in my marriage. Even today, some several thousand photographs later, our sessions are still about us and our marital fun – which explains some of the time lapse between the updates.

As for the making money part, I’m terrible at promoting my own website compared to some of the other women I have encountered in this “business.” The fact that I do reap a small reward for my nudity isn’t the motivator – if it was about money, I’d probably have found a much more lucrative way to make it (see #1).

4. I’m a narcissist

“Andee” is a character that has been created and developed over the past 13 years. My driver’s licence doesn’t say “Andee.” Sure, a big part of who she is comes from my personal experiences, but I can assure you that away from the Internet, less than a dozen people in my real life know anything about her. In my day-to-day life, she hardly exists but for the occasional tweets and messages. I don’t carry her bravery with me, or her brazen outlook online and ability to demonstrate unwavering confidence in who she is. Even though she is part of me, I’m still learning from her.

Trust me, if I was a narcissist, she’d be way more popular and I’d be way more out of the amateur porn closet, so to speak.

5. I have sexual esteem issues

I’m not sure where that idea comes from; that somehow I’m flawed and need the accolades provided by the online community. Maybe some people really do believe that the posting of photos and the small ego boost that comes from the interaction with those looking at them is the key to why I do it. They must have skipped the part about the nastiness – because that is far more prevalent on the Internet today than any kindness towards a 40-year old amateur model who just happens to think there’s nothing wrong with nudity. For every kind word and playful interaction, there is far more negativity. That’s the nature of the Internet today, and the true flaws within people.

But, I’ll offer this much about the sexual esteem: my relationship with my husband has given me far more sexual esteem than dabbling online. What you get to see are the benefits and insight into those experiences, not some desperate attempt to stroke my fragile ego.

6. I have no moral compass

Doing what I do does not make me a bad person. It does not mean I have no capacity for making responsible and sexually healthy decisions. It doesn’t prevent me from guiding my sons from little boys into decent young men (which they are, thank you very much). I’m actually a very good person … but somehow because I post naughty stuff online, I’m some sort of sexually delinquent miscreant. I guess possessing “good morals” doesn’t exclude those other people from being judgemental.

7. I fuck anything that moves

I suppose this is an extension of #6. I could go on at length about what this is a huge misconception, but I’m too busy sharing intimate moments with the only man who has had his penis in my vagina in the past 25 years … yep, one guy. That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed a very adventurous sexual experience with men and women otherwise, but when it comes to hardcore mattress dancing, so far only one dance partner has made my dance card.

And no, I’m not taking volunteers. Regardless of what personal talent you may believe you have, if my position on this was ever to change, it would be strictly on my terms.

8. I have no offline life

I know where this one comes from … because many women online treat it as their only life. However, my online life is – and has been for some time – meant to serve as a simple distraction from the world I know and see on a daily basis. I don’t sit in wait, cell phone/camera in hand, expecting to answer your text/tweet/email/request/etc. right away. I actually spend some time in that parallel universe known as “reality.”

So, there you go, an utterly upbeat blog entry about some of the preconceived notions people have of me. I’m almost certain many of these same judgements could be applied to any amateur model. But I can say the one thing that isn’t a preconceived notion, my experience online has certainly given me a thicker skin.

Andee     xoxo


How I Think “Amateur” Has Changed

Without a doubt, if you had asked me back in early 2002 if I imagined myself doing an amateur porn site, I would have said you were crazy. It wasn’t so much about my outlook on the genre – or some deep seeded moral debate on the issues surrounding pornography – but more so because I couldn’t imagine that there would be any real interest.

My reasons for that change in the summer of that year have been well-documented before. If you want the back story, you can find it here.

Over the 12 years I have been doing my website, the “business” has changed dramatically. While I have plugged along, doing my thing, the impact of the Internet on our lives – and the massive exposure to all sorts of sexually related content – has pushed the “amateurness” to a much different level. In the early days, even though I jumped into the fray kind of late, the amateur genre was still very much low-res images of honest-to-goodness housewives and everyday women. The quality of the pictures (lord how I cringe when I look at my first few sets) was definitely at a different standard.

But the interest from our fan base was rooted very much in what the pictures showed, as opposed to the quality of the pixels. They wanted to see the kind of woman they may see at work, or next door, or at their kids’ sports in sexually explicit ways. Now even amateur porn has a very professional feel to it, and many models are just as airbrushed and dolled-up as those Playboy centrefolds were before the Internet was a household item. It doesn’t help the genre when such obvious professionals brand themselves as amateurs.

In conversation with an online friend recently, they asked me where I thought everything would be heading in the next few years. These days, I honestly don’t give a tremendous amount of thought to the business side of my website (not that I ever really have). My husband does the majority of the work, from the photography to coordinating which sets get sent in to Southern Charms at what time. My joy in the picture taking has always been the posing, the time spent creating the photos – and the celebratory intimacy when the work is over. My purpose for my site has always been about bringing that sexual heat and spice to my marriage, not the “business of amateur porn.”

That’s not to say I’m completely detached from the ins and outs off the mattress. We have seen, with my website, trends that pretty much look like those stock market charts – lots of peaks and valleys. Just before the economy took a dump in 2008, you may have almost convinced me to spend more time on the sexy side of life as you would have my real life career. These days, however, the reality has returned to “a nice naughty hobby.”

And then, even within the context of “amateur” as a genre, things have changed. I think it is now very segmented between the “stereotypical housewives” like myself and the new breed of young Kartrashian wannabes – the selfie-addicted, club-hopping diva in sparkly painted-on minidresses and stiletto heels. Each style of “amateur” has their own idea of what it entails to be involved in porn; and both are remarkably different. On a personal level, I see these young women as being less about the contrast between reality and naughty fantasy; rather, they come across as overly addicted to the attention and wear their sexuality more brazenly than the tiny napkins they call clothes.

As an aside, I do realize there are many levels to what could be amateur porn; from the mostly-solo/heterosexual brand of housewife porn I produce, through to gay male to some of the more extreme sexual lifestyles.

I’ve always enjoyed being a contrast in men’s fantasies – the very “normal” and unassuming soccer mom type in public, with an intriguing sexual secret in private. It has always been more fun slowly inviting men into that part of my world. It’s that idea, to me, that has always been the “amateur” part; the contrast and the secret surprise that exists behind the public facade.

Andee's VideosI’m not sure where “amateur porn” is going to be headed in the future. I strongly suspect that, given the amount of video that is out there now, the photo side of it may become a smaller demand. I know guys are highly visual animals when it comes to sexual excitement; which adds to my thoughts on why video may be an even bigger part of it.

With the explosion of copyright-infringing websites, and weak laws to help protect those of us who participate in the modelling side, I can’t really see how we will be able to continue producing what we do. I’m not saying I do it for the money – but I’m not going to continue and do it for free. For women like me, there are risks that most fans likely don’t consider, nor care about, in doing this kind of little hobby. To continue just for the sake of putting myself out there without any kind of “reward” for taking the risk…there is a big part of me that hopes something will be done to protect our copyrights with more vigilance. But that may be a pipe dream – sort of like herding cats.

Andee     xoxo

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TMI Tuesday | Playing With Myself

So, today marks the start of another new ‘journey’ for me. I am now officially in my 40th year, which means I have an awful lot of ground to cover in the next 365 days so that I can hit my 40th birthday looking all that much more sexually confident, physically fit and smashingly glamourous.

And, that also means that I may actually have a bit of a renewed ambition when it comes to making certain desires, wants and fantasies come to life. Or at least writing all about them!

And now, on to all that information that you just can’t get enough of every TMI Tuesday

1. My favorite place to masturbate is _____ ?
Yeah, not as kinky as you might believe, but my favourite place to masturbate is in my own bed. That way, when all is said an done and my heart is done racing from the sexual build-up and release, I love to curl up and fall asleep. Masturbating is an amazing way for me to relax before bedtime – and helps take my mind away from the stresses of the day.

2. Have you ever masturbated in public? What were the circumstances?
Not sure; my answer is a bit of a ‘sort of.’ I wrote about it before: it was a couple years ago and my husband and I were on our way home from one of those sex trade shows in the city. We were downtown and the traffic was crazy. I had already slipped off my panties back at the convention centre and figured since we were going to be sitting in the car for a bit that I would give my new sex toy a little test drive of it’s own. I simply pulled up the hem of my skirt, positioned myself accordingly and let the brand new batteries take me to euphoria of a roadgasm – plus give my hubby and amazing tease and scene.

It was equally erotic as people were walking past on the sidewalks only a couple feet away from our vehicle. I remember that was one amazing orgasm … the sensation of a new toy mixed with the excitement of being in a crowded space.

3. Do you like mutual masturbation? Why?
Yes and no, but for all really good reasons. I love it because there is something very erotic for me in watching and being there while someone is pleasuring themselves. And sharing that moment with someone has an erotic sense of vulnerability. It’s opening yourself up to a very different sexual experience.

No, because it’s rare that I can allow myself to wait it out. Mutual moments like that generally end up in full-out sex … not that full-out sex is a bad thing; it just means an end to the masturbation portion of the evening. There are lots of occasions when masturbation becomes a conclusion for me, as well. I’m one of those women that does need a little extra help to reach orgasm.

4. When was the last time you masturbated?
I’m writing my answers on Monday night as we wait for the Leafs-Bruins hockey game to start … I masturbated on Monday morning shortly after shooting some new photos for my website – ’cause a girl can get rather turned-on posing in new lingerie that a friend sent for her to wear; all that touching my breasts and playing with my pussy while my husband snaps photos. Yep, I think I might masturbate again tonight.

5. Have you ever masturbated on camera?
Yes … for both recorded video and on webcam. I still make new recorded videos every now and then for purposes other than just adding a bit of kink to my sex life. I mean, why keep the fun all to myself, and since I have received a few requests along the way from guys who want to watch …

6. Do you like to watch people masturbate?
Call me kinky, but I love watching another person pleasuring themselves. I have had the wonderful opportunity to watch a couple men do that in front of me in person – and good lord, it’s a massive turn-on for me. I would love to have the same opportunity with another woman. I have watched on camera and amateur videos, but not while I was right there just a couple feet away as she brought herself to orgasm. Now that would be yummy …

BONUS: Have you filmed yourself masturbating? Care to share that film via a link?
Take your pick … follow the video button and you can find several different videos of me masturbating, and a couple in which someone else does all the work on me!

Andee     xoxo

30 Random Things For A Friday

Like a few other updates that have happened over the past few days, this one has its roots in a previous blog that I wrote on a different site. I think it’s still kind of fun and covers off a whole whack of “too much information” about me.

I thought this might be something light and fun for a Friday. You have probably seen a few of these “random facts” blogs, so I hope it’s not too boring. If nothing else, if it spurs you to ponder any curious questions about me, please send them my way. I am always looking for new ways to involve you in my blog, and also to write about ideas, topics and interests that appeal to you. Otherwise you are just stuck inside my own head – and that can be a dangerous place to find yourself on the best of days!

1) Single, Taken, or Crushing?
Married, quite happily! But occasionally playful in the right moments!

2) Are you happy with where you are?
Extremely, except for financially, but isn’t that the case with most people?

3) When you meet the right person, do you fall fast?
No, I tend to be a bit more coy and cautious.

4) Have you ever had your heart broken?
Yes … and more than once.

5) Do you believe that there are certain circumstances where cheating is ok?
No, but with good communication and a mutual adventurous spirit, why cheat on your partner when you can explore together! 😉

6) Would you ever take someone back if they cheated on you?
No. I would struggle to regain the trust and I think that would prevent the relationship from healing.

7) Have you talked about marriage with another person?
Several times … but I am married after all.

8) Do you want children?
I already have two. Now we’re trying to adopt a dog.

9) How many?
The two I already have. Unless you meant the dog, then we will just stick with the one.

10) Would you consider adoption?
Yes. Especially of the dog.

11) If somebody liked you right now, what do you think is a cool way to let you know?
Be straightforward, talking is always a good thing. As I get older, the more I recognize that “games” can quickly get off track. If you want an adult relationship, start out by being an adult. Save the games for between the sheets when everyone is horny and naked.

12) Do you enjoy playing hard to get?
Am I hard to get? Hmmm … I really prefer to play getting it hard.

13) Be honest, do you play the “game” when you are dating?
Completely. But most of my dates are with my husband, so it’s very safe to play the “game.” Fun, even. Especially when he is creative with the plans for the night!

14) Do you believe love at first sight exists?

15) Are you romantic?

16) Do you believe that you can change someone?
I believe you can … but more times than not, I have seen it for the worse and not the better.

17) If you could get married anywhere, money not an object where would it be?
In some incredible European castle.

18) Do you have feelings for someone right now?
Yes. Some of them are even good.

19) Have you ever wished you could’ve had someone but you couldn’t?

20) Have you ever broken a heart?
Honestly, I don’t know.

21) Would you ever fight somebody over your significant other?
You wanna piece of me? But quite honestly, our relationship is such a way that I would rather just hold the camera and watch intently.

22) What would you say about your last ex?
Where’s a speeding bus when you need one?

23) Favorite sex position?
Well, seriously … do I need to pick just one? Anytime I’m getting some is a favourite position. But if I really need to pick just one, I’ll say doggy style ’cause it feels so good and deep.

24) What turns you on the most?
The first thing I notice about a man that I have just met would be his hands. Then his smile. On a deeper note, I get turned on by a guy who can make me laugh, smile and appreciates my twisted sense of humour. Finally, if he gets the chance to bed me … those hands better live up to all the expectations in my imagination! 😉

25) Does size matter?
Sorry, but yes. But maybe not quite like what many guys think. Truth is, while I have never been with a guy like this, but too big can be a bad thing. You want something that fits, feels good. But having said that, no matter what, the guy needs to know how to use what he has.

26) Most times in one day?

27) Most orgasms in one session?
I’m usually good for two, but then after that things tend to get a little numb as I am one of those women that needs a little extra help getting there.

27) What do you think about during sex?
Depends on the sex and the partner. Mostly I think about the sensations I’m feeling at the moment, and perhaps the events that led up to getting into that position. Rarely does my own mind wander away from what is really going on.

28) Ever had a threesome?
No, but I have had a foursome with my husband and another couple. That said, a MFM encounter is very high on my list of desires – and something I am working actively on achieving.

29) How often do you masturbate?
Four to five times per week if I’m getting regular sex that week. But like everyone else, some weeks the motivation just isn’t there, and others the motivation is really there!

30) Do you like oral?
Yes, I’ve been told it’s one of my better bedroom skills by more than one guy … and girl. In fact, I’ve blogged at length about it …

Anyway, hope you enjoy this little tongue and cheek bit of TMI for this week.

Andee     xoxo
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