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Infographic | Cocktail Dress Season

Well, now that Halloween is behind us…and I had a dismal October of keeping up on my blogging, maybe it’s time for me to settle back into and try to come up with a more productive routine. While I’m a huge lover of the warm summer months, from a social calendar point of view, the season right before Christmas is also one of my favourites. It’s a time when I have a few more opportunities to dust off some of my dresses and nicer clothes and get out to have some fun.

With that in mind, I found a fun little infographic on cocktail dresses…and I know how much you enjoy seeing a woman all dressed up and ready to flirt madly!


Time For Some Sexy New Shoes

Do you ever have one of those weekends where every possible event happens on the same day? It’s almost as if my life just isn’t busy enough these days … Good lord, I never thought a woman in her so-called “prime” would get so tired.

Apart from an invite to play hockey (long story), take my Little Man to an out-of-town baseball tournament (thank heaven for carpool favours) and a few others, my little appointment book is bursting at the seams.

Despite all the options, I have one major event that I will not miss – the wedding of one of my friends from work. I love weddings, and especially the opportunity to get all dressed up. Most of my life is spent in work clothes, or slothing around the house in something comfy. I know that comes as quite a shocker – given all the naughty lingerie you see me wearing on my website. So when I get the chance to dress up (quite a bit more now for work or to party), I like to go all out. But I think you have also managed to see that side of me too!

There’s going to be some serious “glam” at this wedding, and I’ll have no worries about really putting it on for a change. Plus this weekend is also supposed to bring some nice weather, which means I am going for the sexy new LBD and stiletto heels look. Heck, I might even paint my nails!

Wearing sexy shoes remains one of life’s big challenges for me. Because I work in an environment that has some strict rules about footwear, finding heels that comply is difficult … not to mention finding heels I can stand to wear for a full day of marathonesque running. It’s a bigger challenge for my husband for his fashion sense. He openly admits to be a shoe-slut, and quietly endures my more sensible Monday-Friday choices.

This time around though, I found a great pair of heels to go with my new dress. So in honour of a sexy stiletto Saturday, I found this little bit on the Internet about why high heels are the sexiest shoes:

The stuff you strut is more sensual when you’re up on your toes, says Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes author Jena Pincott: “Heels force your pelvis to tilt so that both your rear end and chest stick out.” One study showed that leg lengths 5 per cent longer than average are the most attractive, so for most women, a 1.5- to 3-inch heel would create the ideal leg length.

“This attraction might be evolutionary, because long legs are associated with better long-term health, which would appeal to a mate. Plus, much like a peacock flaunts his feathers, which are really quite heavy and a nuisance, a woman teetering in heels can show off her fitness and coordination.”

If I had to pick one body part that I could say I was confident over, it would be my legs (not trying to be vain here guys, just sharing what some of you seem to suggest to me …). I think if I was able to be more stylish on an everyday basis, maybe I’d play it up a bit more and show them off. You know, draw the attention down and away from other bits I’m not so OK with right now.

But a sexy set of stilettos also means a little prep work.

When Marilyn Monroe had her stilettos made uneven heights to accentuate her hip-wiggle, she understood the power of high heels. Ridiculous, to be sure, but her point might have been this: If you’re going to wear heels, wear them well.

  1. Posture is critical. Keep your spine upright and slightly arched, and shoulders back to avoid hunching over.
  2. Start with one foot coming out at a slight outward angle, striking with the heel first. As you walk, continue the heel-toe step.
  3. Minding your posture – imagine there’s a string in your head, pulling you up – use your arms and hips to change the centre of rotation in your body. As your hips rotate one way, your shoulders should angle slightly the other way for balance.
  4. Shorten your stride. It’s easy to spot someone unaccustomed to heels by her klumping, bouncing footfall and hunched back.
  5. Loosen up. It’s all in the hips. If they’re too stiff, your gait will be off and you’ll end up off-balance.
  6. Start with shorter heels and wear them around the house, especially if they’re new. Walking over a variety of surfaces like carpet and tile will help too.
  7. Carry bandages in your purse at all times.

Anyway … done properly, that power of the high heel will translate into wobbly knees later on – and that has nothing to do with the actual heel!

So, time to trade in the sensible sneakers for a little glam … I can’t wait!

Andee     xoxo 

Panties | Laundry List of Bare Necessities

Yesterday I wrote about those naughty little moments when you guys steal an upskirt peek at my panties. One of my readers asked what about the same thing sans knickers.

A few weeks ago, I did write about the few times when I spoiled the panty raids, but for the most part those were the occasions when I started out with panties and finished the evening commando. In all honesty, going without is not something that I do very often. As hot and sexy as it sounds, like so many other things in life, reality just doesn’t measure up.

But I promised I would write about the times when my free spirit has been exposed.

Intentionally Bare
A Friend’s Wedding

I had picked out this amazing LBD for a friend’s wedding and as I was getting ready, I realized just how form-fitting it really was. After trying a few different pairs of panties, I came to the realization that even my best “seamless” ones still wouldn’t cut the mustard. And there was no way I was going out with serious VPLs. With the clock ticking, I figured the only real solution was to let the dress work its magic and I went without.

My hubby, always the opportunist, spent a great deal of the day sliding his hand across my butt cheeks and trying to find the perfect angle to snap a few pics with his camera. And having his hand stroking my knee and inching up the flesh of my thighs … later he got to have his way with me in just my heels.

A Swing Club Date

A few years ago, my husband and I were experimenting with our ideas on swinging and finding another couple that we could have some fun with in the bedroom. We arranged to meet some new friends at one of the lifestyle clubs that we occasionally go to. I picked out a nice miniskirt and sexy sheer white top – with no bra – as my outfit for the night. I figured since the bra was gone, there was no sense in wearing any panties either.

I can assure you that my husband spent an awful lot of the night with his hand up my skirt and his fingers in my pussy … at least I think it was him! 😉

An Almost Wholesome Date

During the early days when my husband and I were dating, he had bought me a suede skirt. He has always said how much he enjoys it when I wear a skirt or dress, and this wasn’t much different from that. Hey, if you want to see me in the stuff, why not get me what fuels your fire! It worked to his advantage, as I slipped it on for one of our date nights … and let him slip into me later on.

High School

Some crazy things just happen because I tend to be stubborn and would never back down from a dare … well, within reason. I doubt anyone ever noticed, as I was young, naughty and not willing to tarnish a decent reputation. But geez, we fucked later that day. Can’t remember if I took my skirt off or not.

My Fun Effort

Every now and then I like to remind my hubby that technically, I was not wearing panties on our very first date. As much fun as that sounds, I was far from going commando as I was wearing my bikini. We went to the beach.

My ‘Wisp’ List
Night Out Surprise

I’m not against the idea of going commando, I just need the opportunity that is going to be a really sexy and fun experience. Not too long ago, I was telling my husband that it was something that I do think about as a little ‘fantasy’ that can be easily achievable.

Now then, that said, it would be something much more exciting if I was the only one who knew about it. And it would have to be somewhere that would allow me a very lengthy night of teasing and tormenting. Starting somewhere like a romantic restaurant, and I could tease him by saying there was more fabric to the napkin than under my dress. Maybe we would go to a dance club or the casino where there would be lots of sitting (perfect upskirt opportunities), dancing (if you spin just the right way, the hem will swing just high enough) and physical contact (I want his hands all over my body once he knows)

Playing Hostess For Hubby’s Beer League Buddies

OK, not so much about having all his buddies getting a peek, but the fantasy of slipping on a sexy little denim mini – or maybe the camo skirt from this week’s Miniskirt Monday and whispering in his ear after I bring out some snacks for the guys that it’s not just camouflage, but full commando. I wonder how late the guys might stay that night?

Or maybe I would see how much I could tease all of them by hanging out the laundry on the clothesline while they’re enjoying their cold ones in the backyard. Of course, it would only be my laciest and sexiest delicates that would need to dry. Can’t have wet panties!

And since this is fantasy fun, maybe he might even have some guys on the team that aren’t your typical beer-leaguers. Some nicely-built pals that would do anything to help a girl out around the house when they visit! Like help her out of that miniskirt.


Out of all the easiest opportunities, this is the one that is also the hardest for me to make the leap. It’s not just about spending the day in a flirty skirt, and perhaps doing my best Sharon Stone impression at the lunch table while my Office Guys sat a few tables away drooling onto their sandwiches. The idea of tormenting the guys is something devilishly exciting for me.

But, given my flirtations and extra-curricular afternoon back in March with my Office Guy, I also realize that doing something as simplistically naughty as going commando – one minute alone could prove to be way more dangerous than it should be. And I don’t mean dangerous in a bad way, but in such a way that physical desire might overheat our mutual ability to recognize there are certain acceptable limits in this increasingly complicated relationship we share.

I shudder to think just where the naughtiness might take us should he manage to get not just a peek, but a not-so-quick touch of my bare pussy with those long fingers … again.

So, there you go, my not so frequent attempts to save myself some laundry … but certainly something for a dirty mind!

Andee     xoxo

Panties | So You Wanna Have A Peek

A couple weeks ago I blogged a little about panties, and whether or not I made certain selections just for those times when I expected sex to be on the agenda. And one of my most popular blog posts has been about my particular panty strategy. It seems that a lot you like to get into my panties.

And there’s probably a couple of you that I would like to get into my panties!

The truth is, I am kind of flattered. These days I pay more attention to what I wear, because there is something to be said for feel using sexy and looking sexy. I think I have also reached a stage in my life where my style is changing as I look to enhance my assets and squash the workplace boredom.

With all that talk about my underwear choices this was kind of a fun list to come up with, based on a question I was asked a while back about flashing my knickers in public.

So, where are the best places to give you guys a naughty peek? Here are  

Six Sexy Spots You May Have Seen My Panties:

1. At work

There are two kinds of office flashes: the ones where I know you are looking, and the ones when you steal a peek unbeknownst to me. The latter tends to occur during those moments when I might need to bend down and you try to grab a quick look from behind. Surprise, surprise, I know you guys do that. What won’t be surprising is for you to see me doing the trailer trash t-bar. You should know by now that I’m much more of a bikini girl … and I can’t stand it when you see those women who must be flossing. Not sexy.

The intentional peeks are much more fun and these days, by far, my favourite. These are the moments when you might see me sitting very strategically in the cafeteria, the hem of my dress carefully adjusted to the right length across my thighs as I cross and uncross my legs. You might even think that I have forgotten I am wearing a skirt or dress. But I know you are looking, because when I am in the mood to tease you this way, every move is carefully planned. Of course, this is usually targeted towards a select few.

2. Behind the wheel

Another fun way to be a little playful. Pull up beside me and you might notice the hem of my skirt or dress pulled right up. Have to be a bit careful with this one though, you don’t want those guys driving right off the road! There has also been a few times when, as a passenger, I have tormented my date just a little by pulling up what I am wearing and seeing how long he can a) keep his eyes on the road, and b) hold off from touching me in all the right places.

3. On the the train

A so-so one with me, mostly because the overwhelming majority of the men I encounter on the train tend to be really obnoxious perverts. I’m not all that turned on by their constant attempts to sneak a peek. You know what, buster? We’re not dumb. And you’re way too obvious to deserve a tease.

However, there is the odd occasion where I might intentionally sit in a particular way so that one of my handsome targets can enjoy a little panty peekaboo. I love to flirt and holding his attention becomes a very intriguing and subtle game.

4. On a date

Probably should rank a lot higher, but the majority of my dates these days are with the man who gets to see my panties pretty much anytime he wants … and has purchased a huge selection of items in my “Just for Sex” clothing collection.

Of course, what has become a lot more fun with this particular panty flash is to show them off while not actually wearing them! Easily done by taking a moment to slip into the bathroom, remove them and then return to my date. At this point, I slip them into his pocket; or even better, into his hand while they are still warm and moist from being on me.

5. At a party

The party panty flash is basically the same as above … although there may be an occasion or two in my past that involved alcohol and more than just one guy getting to enjoy my underpants. Maybe.

What is different from the date night knicker experience, the party panty flash is more often than not employed as a tactic to leave the party. Date nights are designed to build anticipation, make him work harder as reaching into my sexual mind or a reward for getting me horny with his charm.

6. On the dance floor

In all honesty, the last time I flashed my panties on the dance floor came courtesy of a naughty girlfriend, who lifted my skirt to flash a group of guys who were watching us from the sidelines.

Despite me wearing some brand new sex-worthy panties, the cute one never did email me … hmm … must have noticed the wedding ring on my finger.

Andee     xoxo

All Dressed Up

February turned out to be one of those months where hibernation just wasn’t possible. Normally we hide indoors because here in Canada February is typically when the temperature drops to a miserable level and there’s just nothing sexy about it.

But this year things have been much different thanks to some bizarre weather. It’s actually turned out to be a very socially busy month, with no signs of stopping as we hit the last weekend! Tonight my husband is taking me to an event in the city that we always enjoy – especially because it is strictly about sex. Sexapolooza is a consumer trade show featuring pretty much all things related to getting busy, and a wide variety of kinks. It’s usually an expensive night for me …

Then tomorrow we are attending a party for a friend’s birthday – once again, a chance to get out and let loose. So, it was a little timely that an online friend asked me this a while ago … and now I get to share my answer.

When you go to a party, would you rather show up accidentally under-dressed or overdressed?

I have to say, I would rather be caught overdressed for any event – party or otherwise. And that’s a stretch, because I also believe that you can’t really be overdressed for anything if you have a sense of style and the confidence to carry it off.

Obviously there will always be those people who will awkwardly point out the obvious: “What are you all dressed up for?” To which I find a good reply is: “After the party, my husband is taking me to meet some well-endowed stud at a ritzy hotel for a night of …”

You get the idea.

Most social situations will allow for someone who has put forth a bigger effort in their appearance. I’m not about to slip on my sexiest LBD to head out for a night of drinks and conversation at the neighbours, but I would definitely not hit the fundraiser gala scene in my work scrubs and no make-up.

As a woman, dressing up is something deeply attached to our childhood and our innocent fantasies. It’s why we played “dress up” as little girls. Now as adults we get to slip on that gorgeous dress and be a “princess” for a night. Not in attitude, just to be the woman that turns heads when she walks into the room.

Plus there is the “adult” side of it too. We get to, maybe, wear those really sexy panties and knock-out heels for a night; whisper into our date’s ear about whether or not the panties will stay on until we get home, or if he can hold on to them for us. And don’t kid yourself, every woman who has ever slipped on a sexy dress wants to catch a man other than her date checking her out … for me, that is a huge reward for the night because it touches me both in an self-esteem building way knowing I can still attract a man’s attention, and it hits me right between my legs because I also like to know that maybe he is thinking something naughty too.

Of course sometimes where I live, over-dressed is a necessity – such as parkas, mukluks and mittens. But that might just be a stereotype of how cold Canada gets in the winter.

In reality, I’m not the kind of person who gets caught in the idea of being “overdressed” too often. In my real life, I’m actually a very casual person … much to my husband’s frustration. He’s the kind of man who has a sense of fashion and wishes I would push the limits a bit every now and then.

Although, it has been working for me at work lately …

Andee     xoxo
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