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TMI Tuesday | Sexy Odds ‘n Ends

Hey there, double-whammy today, because not only do I have my TMI Tuesday update for you to wander through BUT I also have a special blog entry talking about my nomination for a Liebster Blog Award.

So, catching up in a big way … and as always, I hope you enjoy our time together!

odds_and_ends_tmi1. How addicted are you? You are in a rush, there is no time to make your morning coffee or stop to buy it. However, you can save time and get your “energy high” by brushing your teeth with a caffeine-infused toothbrush. Would you buy and use this product? Why or why not?

My coffee in the morning isn’t so much about the caffeine rush as it is about taking a moment for myself to collect my thoughts for the day before everything goes off the rails. So, no, I wouldn’t be in the market for a caffeine-infused toothbrush.

Of course, if it was an electric toothbrush with the right level of vibration, I might be inclined to get a boost in a whole different fashion!

2. You made a sex list of all the things you’d like to do but haven’t done. The list was lost and discovered by your boss at work. He/she ask if they can help you tick a few items off the list. What do you say?

After getting over my initial embarrassment, I might be inclined to ask which items in particular they were interested in …

This would be a unique situation, since both of my current bosses are women.

Having said that, there’s a few intriguing items on my sexual bucket list that actually involve other women …

3. Sex around the house. Have you ever been bent over the kitchen counter and fucked? What did you like most about it? What did you like least?

Oh goodness, a number of times. I love getting it from behind and would be willing to perform in this position time and time again! Sometimes it’s even hotter when I look across the side yard and see my neighbour shuffling around in their kitchen. Now, I kind of hope they don’t see me … but I have a healthy dose of exhibitionist in me that I find the idea highly erotic.

4. Sexting…How do you really feel about it?

a) Meh? Not my thing.
b) Can take it or leave it, usually have to be begged to do it
c) I like it, it’s like foreplay.
d) Love it! I’m always sending naughty notes and steamy pics.
e) What’s your number? I have a daily sexting list, wanna sign up?

I think I fall somewhere in between c) and d) … I certainly enjoy sexting with my husband but within a certain context and the moment is appropriate. Both of us work in very professional settings and sometimes the timing just doesn’t work.

5. What do you love to sniff? Why?

My husband’s cologne … drives me crazy. I won’t say that it’s really an “aphrodisiac” but it’s damn close.

Bonus: What is it? Explain how you would use it.whatisit_april22

I know what it actually is … and in a somewhat kinky and twisted way, it can be exceptionally sexy to see a man so incredible hard and restrained in a sheath like this. Now, just to remind everyone, I’m not exactly a BDSM aficionado, but I certainly don’t mind a little sexy dabbling every now and then. But mostly, I just love an incredibly hard man …

Andee     xoxo

Sexy Northern Angel

Nominated | Liebster Blog Award

I think I’ve said a few times that my blog tends to be a bit of jumble of thoughts, everything from a personal diary to a roadmap of sexual adventure to blatant self-promotion. Hopefully, somewhere in that mix, you – my dear readers – find something entertaining and amusing in my posts. So when I received word from one of my favourite bloggers that she had nominated me for a Liebster Award, I was very flattered.

It’s always satisfying as a writer (or wannabe creative maven like myself) to find out that someone finds your efforts worthwhile of recognition. Please, take a moment to discover the brilliance of Ms. Quote and her marvelous A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind.


For future Liebster Award recipients, here are the rules:

AGWDM-liebster-award1Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.

Display the award on your blog — by including it in your post and/or displaying it using a “widget” or a “gadget”. (Note that the best way to do this is to save the image to your own computer and then upload it to your blog post.)

Answer 11 questions about yourself, which will be provided to you by the person who nominated you.

Provide 11 random facts about yourself.

Nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award, who have a less than 1000 followers. (Note that you can always ask the blog owner this since not all blogs display a widget that lets the readers know this information!)

Create a new list of questions for the blogger to answer.

List these rules in your post. Once you have written and published it, you then have to inform the people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it (they might not have ever heard of it!)


Here are the questions I received from Ms. Quote:
1. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Absolutely … especially since my husband makes the claim that he knew from the moment we met that we had a future together – and this year we celebrate 20 years of marriage!

2. What would you do with your time if you didn’t have a blog?
I would like to say that my blogging takes a tremendous amount of time and not blogging would mean hours a day to pursue a different interest, but it doesn’t. I think I would still use the time to continue with my social media efforts – given that a lot of it is intertwined with my somewhat secret naughty adult hobby. I love the outlet that they have become for me.

3. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
Somewhere warm, but still engaging enough to not become bored. If I couldn’t do that, probably Europe so I could take the opportunity to explore and discover the rich history there.

4. If you won $1 million, what would you do with it?
I would pay off my debts, take a wonderfully gratuitous dream vacation … and then invest what I could to ensure I had some security later on.

5. What is the second best thing after sex?
Sharing our sexual fantasies and desires. There’s nothing more incredible that spending those sweaty post-coital moments together, talking about all the things we want from life and the sexual adventure that we are pursuing. I think that connection is one of the biggest successes in my marriage. We know far too many couples who continue to cling to hang-ups and jealousies – which do nothing more than erode the relationship.

6. What is your favorite food?
Hmm … Italian and seafood, but not together.

7. If you have children or step-children, what is the most important thing you’ve taught them?
Hopefully I have taught my sons to make wise decisions and to be gentlemen in all situations. Having said that, given the wonderful men they are turning in to, I think I’m on track.

8. If you could be a novelist, who would you be?
Diana Gabaldon, but with a slight mix of Shayla Black!

9. What song best defines your spirit?
Dixie Chicks’ Wide Open Spaces … a song about setting out on a path of discovery.

10. If you could be a particular age for the rest of your life, how old would you like to be?
24 … I want the body I had at 24, but only if I can keep the life experience and sexual knowledge I have at … not quite 40 😉 I don’t think I want to be the same person that I was at 24 because I was very naïve when it came to things such as sexual experience, the delightful complexities of my bisexual curiosities and the dynamics of relationships (and what they can be with the right approach!)

11. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
Yes … Actually, I tend to be rather shy until I get to know you. After that, I can be rather outgoing and flirtatious if the opportunity and chemistry is right. But rather than describe myself as one or the other, I prefer to consider myself as being someone who is cautiously adventurous with a pinch of exhibitionist and a healthy dose of voyeur.

11 Random Facts
• I’m currently a non-practicing bisexual
• I’m not a fan of thongs for daily wear
• I’ve explored swinging with my husband
• Word is that I’m remarkably talented when it comes to giving blowjobs
• I took a workshop on how improve my oral sex skills
• I love being watched during sex
• I fooled around with a coworker – while my husband watched
• I have a thing for goatees on men
• I prefer stockings over pantyhose
• I’m fascinated by stats, especially those related to sex and relationships
• I’ll wear them, but high heels are hard to walk in

My nominees for the Liebster Blog Award:

Questions for my nominees:
1. What is the best gift you ever received that cost less than $10?
2. Are you happy with where you are in life?
3. What is the one thing in life you wished you had learned sooner?
4. What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?
5. What about getting older makes you most afraid?
6. What is the best relationship advice you’ve ever received?
7. What is the cheesiest pick up line you have ever heard (not necessarily used on you) that you secretly love?
8. Have you ever done the “walk of shame?”
9. What talent do you have that you are embarrassed to admit to?
10. If you could go back to school, what would you study?
11. If you could be an internationally known expert in any field, which would it be?

So, once again, thank you so much to Ms. Quote for the wonderful consideration. I’m flattered that you thought my writing was worthy of sharing.

Andee     xoxo

Sexy Northern Angel



Domination | Tie Me Up … Please

Back in 2011, when my blog was located elsewhere on the Internet, I ran a series I called “Sexy Sundays.” It was a summertime collection of some more intimate details of my life; an idea that was voted on by my readers as something they wanted to read more of. When I moved to WordPress, those entries were kind of left in the archives of my hard drive, but I found them and figured they would make for some great updates every now and then. I hope you enjoy them; and as always, feel free to comment or send me some ideas/questions that you would like to see here.

I had this question asked of me a while back, and as I was going through a bunch of things in my e-mails, I discovered it again. The timing is pretty good to get into it, given some of the antics that have gone on in my bedroom the past few days. More of it started when I mentioned in one of my blogs about my online friend Matt, who had sent me some new boots. You may recall I also mentioned that he has sent me some other sexy gifts, including some sexy lingerie and those “darn” stockings and garter-belt that seem to have me totally “trapped” at a whole new perverse stage in this game.

One of the other gifts I received was this delicious toy for the bedroom … nothing crazy that requires a car-battery of hazardous materials labels … just an intriguing rubber toy … that has kind of come back to haunt me a bit; but in a very good way.

Anyway, getting into the details …

“I’ve heard that some women fantasize about the idea of being sexually controlled (in a consensual way, of course). Have you ever been tied up during sex?”

Hmmm…well, at first I though just how much should I reveal about my own little perversions and myself?

I’m a pretty open girl as a lot of you are learning. I’ve dabbled in a few different things and played around and most of you have pretty much been invited into my sex life thanks to my website and blog. And like so many other things, yes I have tried a little light bondage. Nothing painful or kinky mind you…just some nice, sexually teasing bondage. I’ve never been one to really get into the idea of domination – either being dominated or doing the dominating. I might do some photo sets that way, but role-playing isn’t something that is a big part of my libido.

I admit, there’s a strange sensual feeling about being restrained while someone does some very sexual things to you. The biggest part to make sure  it’s a turn-on is trust. I trust my husband to do only things that I’m OK with, and that are sexually exciting and not degrading.

This happened shortly after the stockings and garter belt arrived. Maybe you have seen the video I have that happened with the toy, but that wasn’t so much about the bondage at the time as it was about something for you to enjoy … But this time there were no cameras, and I was not really expecting it.

My husband indicated quite bluntly that we were going to have sex … and in a teasing way that I often throw back, said something like “Oh?” Anyway, next thing I know, I am in our bedroom being undressed. Then he put me on a chair he had tucked away from view (so I wouldn’t suspect, I guess) and slipped a blindfold over my eyes. He had obviously thought this through, as he then tied my ankles to the chair legs and may hands behind my back so I was totally at his mercy – and naked.

About this time, I’m getting in the mood. All too often we do the kinky stuff with our mistress in the room (the camera), so a little rough play just for the sake of rough play was welcome!

Bondage CartoonHe started by teasing me with his fingers. I love how he does that; the sensations of the touch … only to be heightened by the fact I am bound and blindfolded. Then, without my expected it, I felt this odd sensation between my thighs … he had pulled out this new dildo from my nightstand and was now using it on me. This continued for a while until he then added my favourite little pocket rocket vibrator to the torment. I can’t describe how sexually exciting and frustrating it is to have someone doing such naughty things to your body, forcing you so close to that magnificent orgasm … and then cruelly backing off.

And during these insane moments, while I am so close to peaking, he’s saying stuff about me, how horny I am, how wet I am, how easy the toy goes in … making me tell him how much it turns me on having some guy I have never met sending me these kind of things, making me admit I use them on my own and fantasize about really dirty things when I am alone … you get the picture.

So obviously, I’m game for some light bondage … but when I get to the begging stage, it’s time to keep the game moving forward and at least let me get partly involved for that incredible moment. It only pays off for the guy in the end!

But I do have to say that it’s really hot to be getting into the whole thing, surrendering myself so that my partner can tie me up. But at the same time, if you need to have faith that your partner is only going to play fair and make it a sexually exciting experience, not frightening or leading to something that was not mutually agreed upon. When you cross that line of trust, then it’s no longer a truly sexual experience.

Andee     xoxo

Sexy Northern Angel

Sex | A Fantasy Infographic

Good morning everyone! Saturday mornings for me are meant for lounging around in my bathrobe while I enjoy my coffee. That also means my mind isn’t exactly turning at full speed until a little later in the day.

Anyway, Saturdays are also great days to share these fun infographics with you:


Her Kisses, Her Fingers, My Fantasy

Back in 2011, when my blog was located elsewhere on the Internet, I ran a series I called “Sexy Sundays.” It was a summertime collection of some more intimate details of my life; an idea that was voted on by my readers as something they wanted to read more of. When I moved to WordPress, those entries were kind of left in the archives of my hard drive, but I found them and figured they would make for some great updates every now and then. I hope you enjoy them; and as always, feel free to comment or send me some ideas/questions that you would like to see here.

As I mentioned then – and numerous times before – I have long held a desire to explore that side of me, and still want to continue … maybe even take it further than the occasional fleeting moment. The original post on this subject was in response to an online friend, who had sent me the question. It reminded me that I needed to dig around a bit more for some stuff I had written before about the moment when I think everything really crossed from actual curiosity to outright “Ok, no more flirting around, let’s do it.”

anp279x019So this is a post that my husband and I wrote back before the current blogging addiction – about a faithful night in January 2007. It’s been updated just enough to include some better reflection on the moment. I apologize for it being kind of long, but I enjoyed reading it again, and I hope you will too.

Crossing Over

After years of dirty talk and naughty bedroom whispers during sweaty sex, my hubby and I had the chance to experience a little playtime with some new friends. Writing about my fantasies is fun, but also kind of tough. Knowing the other couple is reading this also brings feelings of being nervous, scared, timid, horny – all of it – rushing back.

We had wondered for a long time what it would be like to share some intimate moments with another couple. And, for quite a while, my bi-curiosity had been on my mind. Ever since that drunken moment with my coworker at a conference when she was so frustratingly close to taking me past the point of “yeah, I think about it” to “uh huh, and let’s do it right now,” I had not really had a very clear head on my sexual feelings.

Through a set of circumstances where I finally took the initiative to be bold, set aside some long-held secrets and be open about my fantasies, the door of opportunity opened a bit wider. We met some friends who were open about our ideas. On an evening where the innuendo and jokes progressed to deep, philosophical and sexually-charged conversation about lifestyles and bedroom experiences, I made the leap to let a few cats out of the bag. It was a bit of a risk, and of course I was nervous about letting someone so close know about my thoughts and website. But I was surprised at how easy it was, and how open they were to it – without being judgmental. It’s kind of a strange feeling to meet someone that thinks the same way and has the same sexual comfort as you do. Where we live, people tend to be pretty narrow-minded about it, so what a refreshing change to know here was a couple that wouldn’t “judge” us for being “alive.”

Like many fantasies, this one involved a hot tub. Hot tubs seem to be the place where people can get together and say “sex is on the menu” and everyone kind of accepts that at some point, someone is going to get totally naked.

Fast-forward through dinner, drinks, somewhat awkward talk where no one wants to make the first move… To where, finally, Tthe four of us were in the tub, enjoying the opportunity to explore – hands, touching, kissing. Everyone had said they were shocked at how fast it all came about. I’m trying to think back, and when I do, that feeling of nervousness comes back, excitement…and a lot of wanting more.

Knowing our friends are reading (naughty, naughty), it’s a little scary…I sit here going, “what should I say? What’s OK to share?”

And that takes you to a place of wanting to know everything. But as my hubby has said to me, it’s one thing to share your most intimate thoughts with your spouse, but to with someone who you’ve just had a little encounter with? As a couple, you go through life’s stages, saying during intimate moments, “OK, that feels good” or “No, please, not like that…” and honestly…could you be bold enough to put that out there for everyone…all of it makes my mind go slushy.

It’s that same fear you get after that first date with the cute guy, and you wonder, did he like me, does he think I’m nice, a good kisser, interesting, etc? I’m learning fast this kind of experience gets that personal chemistry stirred up – only now it’s four times more confusing. And, where is most of that chemistry focused?

Anyway, you’re all going “cut to the chase.”

To begin with, we remained with our own partners, slowly building up the sexual tension with kissing, fondling, watching the other couple kiss. At one point I was sitting on my husband’s lap, facing him, as we were making out. Then I felt a hand down there … and I knew where mine were and where his were. I liked the sensation. For a moment, the hand just delicately teased me, and then it stopped. I was just about to voice my complaint when the other man gently took my elbow and pulled me toward him. At the same time, he kind of directed his own wife over to my husband.

And so in the next moment, I am now sitting on his lap, facing him … and we kissed.

At first, I was just there in body…my mind was racing so fast and my nerves were unbelievably tense. When you have the better part of two decades with the same person, only having fleeting moments over those years of other physical contact, the sensation of how another man or woman touches you is like being a virgin again.

There’s the huge excitement, mixed with a confusing thrill of “where is this going?” Feeling another man touch and kiss me brought out some new sensations, letting his hand fondle, grope, guiding my own hand to him, gently stroking his very hard penis…it was scary. Could my husband see me giving this other man a hand job under the water – mixed thoughts of “oh god this feels so good” as I wrapped my fingers around this man’s erection. It leaves me with these same thoughts of excitement, a desire to explore more and a little bit of rekindling – some real assurance that I can have that affect on another guy. Closing my eyes and feeling this man for the next several minutes: behind me, in front of me, hands, lips, erections…WOW! How I felt as he stroked my body with his hands, his fingers teasing across my pussy but not quite penetrating me; the sensation of turning to away from him and having his rock hard cock pressing against me under the water as I straddled his lap again … not even an inch away from my very horny and possibly willing pussy.

And like a dance, just things were really getting hot and interesting, someone called “snowball” and I came face-to-face with my curiosity about another woman.

The first few seconds of touching, kissing – like we had never done it before with another person – was incredible. I’m going through these emotions of being like a teenager, the excitement of those first times. I don’t know if it’s because of the “release” of the physical part – getting the chance to explore with my hands and my mouth, feeling her body, seeing her naked, the sensations as she returned my affection – or if it is because of who I got to share it with. A great set of breasts that felt so soft in my hands, her nipples hardening in my mouth as I kissing and sucked on them…and a little naughty surprise down there too.

This was the first time I had touched another woman’s pussy … and to gently fondle her with my fingers while we kissed, to hear her little moans, was the moment when I had finally confirmed there was an even greater desire in me to explore and that it wasn’t just some fleeting sexual notion fuelled by a couple drinks.

Now knowing that her fantasies haven’t been changed because of what we did together is a huge comfort. I know my own fantasies, but I wasn’t sure of hers…mine, as you have read, are pretty hot and close to me. But you never know if you live up to someone else’s “curiosity” or “fantasy.” As I have said before, when things do happen in real life, there’s this great fear of “will it be like I imagined?”

Sometimes as a woman, you can sense whether or not someone is your type. When it comes to men, it’s an easy thing. Some of you prefer blondes, brunettes, redheads, certain body types, body parts, etc. I get your e-mails and comments, and the compliments are nice – but I try not to take it too seriously. I’m not a vain person, and sometimes it’s difficult to share your vision of me. Rejection from a guy can be taken as simply, “I’m not his type.”

Women are not any different, except when it comes to the fear associated with your own bi-curious feelings. The idea of possibly being rejected by another woman is very unsettling. As she and I were exploring each other, kissing and touching, I was scared of “are we doing this for the husbands, or are we into each other?” I was doing it for me, not because – even though I was terrified – my husband was there, but because I’m in touch with my desires, and the wantingness (is that a word?) to explore. I had wanted to feel all of that for a long time, and I can honestly say, I REALLY enjoyed it. My mind frequently lingers to how she felt, my fingers and lips, her …

You’ll have to forgive me … but at this point, I need to be doing something other than typing!

Andee     xoxo

Sexy Northern Angel

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