Free Erotica Collection

A Wife In The MiddleJourneyCoverTMIt’s been a quite a while since I published my last collection of erotic stories. Life has been a bit crazy for me the last few years – and not in the best of ways for being inspired sexually.

However, the good news is at I’m feeling the urge to be creative again, and have started working on a series of new stories – some of which pick up on where we left off in these two collections. In the meantime, I’ve dusted them off and am posting them for FREE downloads.

I really hope to have some new material soon … but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in the mood while you wait for me to catch up!

I hope you enjoy my little literary dalliance!

One Wife’s Sexual Journey

A Wife In The Middle

If you’re new to my writing, these collections are a blend of different stories, mostly with “Andee” as the focal point – but hopefully you’ll find all of them exciting and worthy of your time. Each of them draws you deeper into my imagination, with hints at things I have experienced in real life and lots of ideas of what I would like to experience. Well, except maybe the one story within that takes Andee into a much darker sexual place than she (or I) would ever really want to endure.

As always, feel free to send me your ideas for future stories; and if you feel the need, constructive criticism.

Happy reading!

Andee  xoxo

See 1,000s of hot pics of Andee

  1. Andee and a black man named Derrick! Close enough to Derek. Love it.

  2. I HV a copy downloaded

    Thanks…. You are a good writer..ever thought about getting a novel published.. U are talented writer

    • Thank you for saying so … writing something more substantial is a dream of mine, so who knows … maybe someday I’ll have the next great novel for everyone to enjoy. Either that or just one heck of a long dirty story! 😉

  3. Love your attitude & classy pics!

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