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Fast Facts Friday | Sexy Bits & Kink

Welcome back to another “fast fact Friday” guys. I’m not sure how many more of these questions I’m going to get, but it’s always a lot more fun for me to draw you into the content here. You know, so much of my writing is about sharing with you guys, and trying to express some of the naughtiness that goes on between my ears – and hoping it leads to a bit more naughtiness going on between my legs!

This week, we’re getting into a few more kinky facts about yours’ truly…

Have you ever had sex outside? Yes, quite a few times – camping, backyard with hubby, friend’s hot tub, etc.

Have you ever had sex in public? I think what you want to know by this is “sex in public where the public might see me in the act” … in which case, the answer would be no. Not yet, anyway.

Strangest place you’ve had sex? Tough one for me … perhaps in my parent’s camping trailer with a boyfriend while my parents slept only a few feet away. Either that or pressed up against a big hotel window overlooking the Vegas strip while the guy was doing me from behind.

Strangest place you want to have sex? On top of a ski hill … and I don’t even ski.

Have you ever woken up beside someone you regretted sleeping with? My ex-boyfriend … but the regret was that he was my boyfriend, not that we had slept together.

Have you ever woken the neighbours because you were so loud in the bedroom? I tend to be the opposite. Having children teaches you to get busy and keep incredibly quiet.

Have you ever said someone else’s name during sex instead of the person you are with? Yes, but it was intentional. I had told my husband about my lust for a co-worker, then one night after a hot date, as we were home getting down and dirty, my husband made me describe how much I wanted to have sex with my co-worker and then made me say his name out loud as if I was begging my friend to fuck me. It was hot.

Do you prefer your partner to be the dominant one in bed or do you prefer leading things? Mostly I prefer the man to take charge, but every now and then it’s not bad to switch it up.

Do you have any fetishes – including foot fetishes, sadism and masochism etc? A man’s hands … I love strong hands and my mind will often wander to how his fingers would feel buried deep inside me.

Have you read 50 Shades of Grey? If so, did it turn you on? All three books … and like fucking hell it turned me on. But I also didn’t get hung up on the quality of the writing; just give me a hot story and I’ll give you an open mind to be turned on.

What are some fun ways you spice things up? Read the archives of my blog … spicing it up is what I’ve been doing for the past 12 years of my marriage.

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done? I invited my co-worker to join me at a hotel over lunch, where we proceeded to exchange oral sex and some hot making out … all while my husband sat quietly in the corner of the room and watched. After my co-worker left, I had some of the hottest sex in years with my husband. Always holding out hope for a repeat (hint, hint if you’re reading).

What’s your most hardcore fantasy? I want the repeat of the above scenario to play out, only instead of just oral sex, I want both my husband and my friend to use me completely until all three of us collapse in a sweaty, orgasmic heap on the bed. Then I want to lather, rinse, repeat the whole experience.

Andee     xoxo


Just Part Of The Myth Behind Andee

I’m 39 years old; why the hell isn’t my life filled with sex?

Of course, that’s the answer I would like to give when I receive messages from people online who have either stopped by my website or discovered my blog and made the assumption that my waking days are spent in deliciously sweaty, naked post-orgasmic bliss pausing only to nosh on chocolate-dipped strawberries.

fdc65-sexbannerI’ll hazard to say that my online persona – the naughty girl-next-door who gets naked for the world to see and posts thousands of pictures on an adult website as a hobby – might have something to do with the myth or constant sex that has been perpetrated. Much like that of anyone in the adult industry who doesn’t live in Porno Valley and do it for a living, my real life is a delicate balance between the depressing reality and seductive fantasy. Of course, occasional moments of erotic wildness and abandon pop up, but not every day.

And, I guess some of that assumption is my own fault. If you spend any amount of time catching up with me, you’ll discover that the topic of sex is usually front and centre – mostly because it’s the best subject between two people; or one Sexy Northern Angel and the collection of kinksters, perverts and lonely-hearts that tag along for the naughty ride. However, the reality is most days it would be easier to juggle two flaming chainsaws and a teething Bengal tiger.

Without question, I am a very sexual person. In fact, I wish I would get more sex on a regular basis. But I’m also a realist, and some days I’m just too plain exhausted. Then there’s the increasingly demanding role of Taxi Mom – as my darling little ones have grown into scheduling nightmares between their many extra-curricular activities. And when that’s not happening, there’s the career woman who is trying to navigate through a constantly changing landscape in her chosen profession.

Not long ago, I lamented to my husband on one particular Friday night that we were not racing here, there and everywhere, of what we used to do before we had kids. Our weekends would always start with us going to bed early on Friday – and fucking like bunnies until we drifted off to sleep. Then, without any morning obligation on the agenda, we would lather, rinse and repeat until we simply had to roll out of bed to find some food to restore our vigor.

(Deep sigh)

Yes … I’m 39 years old; why the hell isn’t my life filled with sex?

Andee     xoxo

Sexy Northern Angel

TMI Tuesday | Inspired by Porn

It took me a while to actually accept the fact that my secret little hobby could actually be classified as “porn.” I never considered myself to be a porn actress, nor was it something I aspired to. My idea behind my website was two-fold: something to spice up my marriage a little, and at the time of it’s inception some 12 years ago, economic – as my husband had just lost his job and we had a mortgage and two little mouths to feed.

content_sexual_anticipationIt took me a little while to adjust to the idea that, yes, I was participating in something known more broadly as the “porn industry.” Crazy reality for a exceptionally normal, everyday kind of girl from small town Canada …

However, I won’t lie; venturing into something that still has an exceptionally disturbing aura of taboo to it has opened my eyes (and legs) to a wild adventure. This week for TMI Tuesday, let’s slip into that world for a few questions.

1. What sex act have you seen in porn videos/films and have never done but want to do? (Describe act or post a link).

I don’t watch a lot of porn, and when I do, it is usually with my husband. But I have to admit there are a couple ideas I have seen that turn me on: being the centre of attention for a number of men; and a little on the edgier side, a bit of the ‘rape’ fantasy – but more in a sense of a controlled environment, not degrading or violent by any means…perhaps closer to the idea of ‘stranger sex’ but with a hint of reluctance, yet uncontrollable desire.


2. A lot of porn is remakes of old ideas. It’s difficult to be creative in porn because it’s all basically about the same thing. Everyone is starved for ideas, and if some new idea is successful, it’s immediately swamped by knock-offs. Do you have an idea for something even a little bit new in porn?

I can’t say I hold the keys to the next best thing in porn, but there is part of me that thinks the industry is ready to mature a bit. And by that, I mean accept that not everyone is this tiny-waisted, firm-breasted blonde who will drop her panties in a wink. I think porn is almost ready to mature to the point where storylines can exist within the nudity and characters can have flaws and vulnerabilities – like normal people. The Internet and digital technology has brought porn into the average person’s home on a personal level – look at how ‘amateur’ porn has boomed. In addition, I think we’re going to see more ‘custom made’ porn become realistic, as opposed to big budget mass distribution films under big studios. Hell, we may even see porn become something like live theatre , only the show is webcammed nightly.


3. Whilst ideally we’d all like to say our partner provides us with the best orgasms, what’s really making you see stars?

a) masturbation

b) sex toys

c) my partner(s)

I think I have mentioned more than a few times on here that I am just one of those women who needs a little extra help in achieving orgasm. Giving birth changed how my body reacts to certain stimulation, and as such my handy-dandy battery-operated best friend is never far from reach when needed. But, I also like point out that most often this occurs when my partner is there beside me, post coitus. Nothing replaces the sense in intimacy.

4. Have you ever ‘cheated’ on your partner, and did they know/find out? Would you want someone to tell you if your partner was ‘cheating’? Define what you consider ‘cheating’.

I don’t have to cheat…our relationship is something that tends to be a bit more unique than those of a lot of people I know. Basically, if we find a sex partner that intrigues us and we are interested in pursuing some sort of experience with, we are free to do so as long as the other partner is able to participate in some fashion – such as sitting quietly watching.

For me, cheating hides within the secrets, the unknown. When you are in a committed relationship, you should have the freedom and courage/confidence to discuss sexual interests openly. Going behind your partner’s back and violating the trust that exists … that is cheating to me.

Bonus: Give us 2-3 erotic paragraphs incorporating the following words in your story(ette): Magnificent, Nero, Licks, Hard, Nipples. (And no, you can’t use them all in one sentence).



Andee     xoxo

Sexy Northern Angel

When The Worlds of Andee Collide

Convoluted. I think that’s the best possible word to describe the complex web that is my life online and offline.

woman-in-lingerie-writing-emailI believe that each us has a few different versions of who we are in our daily lives. For example, who I am at work is not who I am at home; there’s a different tone in my personality, a difference in confidence. It’s just human nature to find comfort in certain environments – and that translates into how we interact with those around us; from the professional level as coworkers to the parental and spousal roles with our families.

My husband describes it as the Stephen Covey model of “roles and goals.” I’ve never bought into a definition that could break down the complexity of who we are. We’re forever changing, either in mood or personal development. The young naive bride I was 20 years ago is so not who I am today … for the better, by the way.

Plus, the twist for me is that you might think I am more open and free outside of work – which for the most part is true – but I tend to be a lot more flirtatious when I’m not around my husband. Not that any of it would bother him, as he tends to have a few twists of his own, but more so because the openness of the reactions and return flirtations from the other men is more sincere. It’s easier that way.

What do you do online that you would never do in real life?

The discovery of “Andee” has certainly allowed me to be much more open sexually. That part of my personality finds a great deal of freedom online; an outlet to share those thoughts and desires that people in a real life environment would likely pass judgment for. Not to say people online don’t, but it’s easier to ignore and delete those.

It has heightened the experiences that I have had in real life by serving as an outlet – a place to revisit and keep the memories fresh. And at the same time, added to the erotic ideal by allowing me to share. I could never sit at the work lunch table and discuss my relationships with certain people in my life without serious reputation consequences. Many people in our society still hold the puritanical idea that sex and relationships between people are taboo – unless it’s unproven gossip, then it’s just fair game.

Another great opportunity has been the thrill of exploring my sexuality and exhibitionist side. My website is a bit of a love-hate thing with me, but without regrets. Getting naked so that hundreds of thousands of men around the world can pleasure themselves is not something that could occur in real life. The fantasy of who “Andee” is in their minds is probably far more exciting than the reality of the woman behind who that character is. I’m not convinced the same reactions would be produced in a less wired environment … although I’m sure there’s more than a few who would love the opportunity to merge the online “Andee” into a personal experience with her “creator.”

Even playing into that role of someone’s fantasy woman isn’t something that I would necessarily encourage offline. When you go down that road in a personal relationship, there tends to be an expectation of intimacy at some point. Playing with that kind of fire can be dangerous if you’re not willing to make a commitment … whereas building a fantasy with someone online can be enjoyable, as the anonymity for everyone allows for more imagination to flow through.

Andee     xoxo


Fast Facts Friday | Tidbits and Teasers

As you know, I try to participate in as many of the TMI Tuesday’s as possible. Sometimes the topics just don’t fit into my experience, while other times I need to carefully edit my answers so not to write a novel in response. Either way, I always hope that those updates are intriguing, interesting and worth the few minutes you spend here with me.

Anyway, an online connection had previously asked me if I would participate in a “fast fact Friday” … a similar type update where you provide short answers to the questions presented. I figured “what the heck,” I owe you guys more than a few blog entries for your patience with me over the summer, so here we go:

Smoked? Only when I “experimented” with some Jamiacan cigarettes.

Skinny Dipped? Only if you count being naked in a hot tub.

Played Spin The Bottle or 7 Minutes In Heaven? Way, way, way back when I was a young teen … but it would be a lot more interesting as an adult.

Played Poker W/ Money? No, not much of a gambler … but I’d be willing to play for clothes

Gone Swimming In A White T-Shirt? Yes.

Been On Stage? Like pole-dancing or acting in a wholesome play?

Worn Clothes Your Mom Didn’t Approve Of? Still do, but now I’m 39 and I don’t need permission to dress slutty when required!

Been To A Nude Beach? No, but I have also heard the people who are nude at the beach aren’t the ones you want to see nude at the beach.

Made Out In A Car? Yes, and the fun thing is we still do if the moment is right.

Made Love On The Beach? No, too much friction risk with sand.

Stalked Someone? No, although my Office Guy might playfully disagree

Had A Stalker? No.

Made Out W/ A Stranger? Yes, once and it was extremely hot.

Made Out W/ Someone Who Wasn’t Single? Yes, more than once and it was extremely hot. I even let one of them cum in my mouth 😉

Kicked A Guy In The Nuts? No, not yet.

Been Honked At While Walking Down The Sidewalk? Yes, on the Strip in Las Vegas … but I think the way I was dressed might have influenced the honker.

Been Paid To Date Someone? No.

Dated Someone That Was Paid or Dared To Date You? No, but the dare could be fun.

Tanned Topless? Often, I love my backyard in the summer … and so does the guy next door!

Been Strip Searched? By the police or a date? Yes to one but not the other … and I have asked him to wear a uniform on occasion just to spice it up.

Been Pantsed In Public? Yes, but a long long time ago. Was the closest I came to the nuts kicking question.

Thrown Your Shoe At Someone? LOL, funny enough yes I have, but it was long before it became a popular political statement.

Been Walked In On While You Were Dressing? Yes, having college roommates leads to that … and later on, children.

Been Walked In On While Showering? Yes. See above answer. But college roommates are a lot more intriguing than children.

Been Arrested? No, fortunately I have not. But handcuffs are still a lot of fun when used in the right moment.

Regret Something You Did In The Past? Haven’t we all … there was more than a few different boyfriends that I regret now.

So there you go, a bunch of random things about me to keep your Friday light, fresh and fact-filled … hope you all enjoy it!

Andee     xoxo


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