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No Resolutions

On average, almost two-thirds of us will be making some sort of New Year’s resolutions tonight. Whether they are health related – such as losing weight or quitting smoking – or just simple lifestyle changes – such as planning ahead, quit procrastinating – somehow we will vow to improve ourselves.

Heck, according to the headlines this morning, we can even download apps that will help us achieve those resolutions this year.
I was reading another blog this morning while I was having my morning coffee before work, and the writer described resolutions as vows of guilt; promises to ourselves to erase the errors we have made the previous year. While I tend not to make lofty resolutions, I prefer to look upon them simple goals.
And, like many of you, those goals are rather vanilla. But, I also know you want to know if I make any resolutions around my sex life. And, as much as I would love to take you through a wild amusement park of debauchery with Andee, the truth is that I don’t make firm promises when it comes to sex. Instead, I usually take a few moments to myself and reflect on where I have come from over the past year and where my adventure might take me.
I’m a firm believer in the mantra of “if it is meant to be, it will be.” This past year I was able to fulfill some amazing fantasies and become even more in touch with my own sexuality and sensuality. I found even more personal joy and excitement in playing the role of sexy temptress both at home and at work – although, still maintaining a healthy dose of political/HR correctness as not to go too far over the edge.
But even those opportunities came about after years of working towards the kind of relationship – and personal self-confidence – that I now have. They didn’t just pop up because I vowed on January 1, 2012 that these things would happen come hell or high water. Which is why, for me, resolutions almost seem constraining … that if you don’t achieve them within the 12 months given each calendar year you will somehow be considered a failure.
So, what will happen for me in 2013? All I can resolve to say is that, no matter what the days and months bring, the adventure will continue.
Andee     xoxo

Some Sexy Renovations Coming in 2013

Well guys, here it is, the dusk of 2012. I’ve been looking back on the path that I took over the past 12 months; the left turns, the hills and valleys. It’s been another crazy ride – and I don’t look back with any regret.

I have some great ideas coming to my blog in 2013 – or at least ideas that I think are pretty cool. I might even try my hand at writing a little bit of erotic fiction for you. And, of course, quite a few of your obvious favourites will continue.

Anyway, just a quick thank you for all your virtual companionship in my sexual adventure for this past year. I look forward to flirting, teasing and confessing to you again in the New Year!

Andee     xoxo

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone has a joyous and wonderful day! Merry Christmas
Love Andee

Fantasy to Reality

One of the realities of pursuing a fantasy can rear its ugly head in the idea of real expectations. That is a big reason why I have always tried to be clear on what it is I am looking for when things become action after living inside my mind as thoughts for so long.

Chasing a fantasy can be quite daunting when you get right down to it. There are a lot of circumstances that occur which you no longer have any control over in your mind – such as how the other person will react to the situation, as well as the realization that we all have true flaws. From the physical to the sexual, our individual quirks are no longer hidden away in the paradise of the dream. The perfect scene that we have held in our imaginations for so long may not be how it really plays out.

And if that only strikes you as your panties hit the floor, you could be in for a very scary ride.

Like so many of you, I have fantasies that I have crafted in my very healthy imagination; and I know some of those will not come to fruition. I have also had the wonderful opportunity to pursue some really awesome ones … which is why I am also cautious about getting too excited when the moment comes.

This past weekend, I found myself in deep discussion about some of this. I mentioned to a friend that someone I knew was looking for Santa to bring him and his wife a threesome.

I would hazard to say that this is a fair number of people’s most popular fantasy – whether it’s MFM or FMF. I know it ranks very highly on my own sexual bucket list; something I have blogged about a number of times.

Christmas and New Years seem to be when a lot of this kind of thing surfaces. People are caught up in the excitement of the season, or the reality of the need to change where life is heading. I’ve met a few people who have suffered through the pause that comes to life when the clock strikes midnight on December 31 and they vow to live and love on a higher level.

It’s a complicated emotion when it hits – and from what I have seen, can result in some pretty disastrous situations. Especially if the same resolution is not on your partner’s list of things to change in the coming months.

I think one of the better resolutions would be is that of vowing to communicate about your sexual fantasies a lot more. That way, the pressure of having to actually pursue one isn’t as ridiculous. Plus, you may find some of those fantasies become realities a lot faster when you are able to have honest, insightful and truthful conversations with your partner. They may surprise you … And lead you to something even more exciting and erotic than the visions in your head.

Andee     xoxo

TMI Tuesday | Show Me Something Sexy

Are you ready for Santa? In just one week, the big guy in the red suit will be sliding down the chimney … and damn, I hope that naughty list goes up in flames!

This week with TMI Tuesday, we look at just some of the more recent naughty events that may have put me on that other list. But let’s be honest, even Santa can appreciate a naughty girl every now and then!

What is the sexiest thing you have done in the past two months?
It’s been a wildly busy two months for my husband and I, so incredible tales of wild, swinging weekends and sexual adventures best saved for graphic romance novels aren’t really at my disposal right now – unless you want to slip inside my overactive imagination. But, that said, sexy doesn’t always have to be something extreme and crazy. Sometimes sexy can simply be a moment spent completely invested in making someone feel special and loved. With that in mind, I would say the sexiest thing I have done in the past two months is invest a good part of a couple days drawn into some very steamy sexting with my husband, followed by some very sweaty sex at unusual hours for a married couple with busy lives and busy children.

Connecting on an emotional level like that, after spending the day wrapped up in a technology-aided sexual whirlwind, can be extremely sexy. If not equally important, in order to keep the flames of passion burning in a relationship.

What is the sexiest thing you have worn in the past 30 days?
Without a doubt, the sexiest thing I have worn in the past month is some incredible lingerie that a friend sent for me to wear. You can see from the attached image, a small peek at the outfit …

For me, the outfit is sexy on a number of levels: first, just the look. When I first saw this lingerie, during an online shopping spree with my friend, I said it was very sexy. It’s not over the top; it’s not “cheesy”. It has a classic look and mood to it. It’s the kind of lingerie that is meant to be worn, not just something for a “stockings and lace” swingers’ party. Along with that, it is the kind of lingerie that I can – and will – wear under a dress just like the one in the photo. Unlike some of the lingerie on my website, this can be practical in a very sexy and flirtatious manner offline!

Secondly, it is sexy because of the kinkiness behind it. This is lingerie that someone other than my husband bought for me to wear. For me, that adds to the excitement … and the desire to slip it on and behave in a very naughty way, even when the camera isn’t pointed at me. Knowing that someone else is enjoying the reality behind that … uh huh, that is sexy to me.

What is the sexiest thing you have watched in the last 30 days?
Settling into one of my more kinky thoughts, the one thing that I find incredibly sexy is when I get to watch my husband stroke himself. I can’t explain just how much of a turn-on that is for me – to be able to just watch and enjoy. I guess because it allows me to see how he brings himself to an erection and his technique for pleasuring himself. To me, this is incredibly sexy – and made even more so because it’s a somewhat rare treat.

What is the sexiest thing you have heard in the last two weeks?
“Sweetie, I did the vacuuming.”

I dare you to find anything more orgasmic to a woman’s ears than hearing a verbal confirmation of actual housecleaning from their spouse. Talk about instant arousal.

The coup de grace was: “I also emptied the dishwasher.”

Damn, now I’m horny just reminiscing about it all.

What is the sexiest thing you’ve said in the last 24 hours?
Does reading the answers featured above count as “the last 24 hours”?

BONUS: Tell us or show us something sexy.

And there you go, some sexy naughtiness to get us in the mood for some serious seasonal fun!

Andee     xoxo
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