QofS Collection

One of my online friends has been putting a great deal of imagination and effort into trying to draw me into the sexual world of interracial connections. As part of that, he has sent me a growing collection of Queen of Spades tattoo pictures of myself; which I have been sharing each Sunday on my Twitter account for several weeks.

I thought it would be equally as worthwhile to show my appreciation for his fantasy by sharing the archive here, with my readers.

See 1,000s of hot pics of Andee

  1. Damn! You could post these as a hot update on Southern Charms. Better yet, go for it and make it real!

  2. I’ve commented before, but this set is HOT AS HELL!

  3. You are so beautiful, I hope you never ruin your body with the real thing!!! You are perfect just the way you are!!!

    • These are all in good fun, there would need to be a significant change in my life and intentions before I got a real QofS tattoo. Even then it wouldn’t be so visible as these fun samples.

  4. Pretty and smart! Canada is lucky:-)

  5. @jhoff630. Aka. Skip

    Great collection..
    Love the post….always nice to see.
    The ace spades indicates blck men welcome…so hv u had a black man

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