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Six Reasons To Talk About Lingerie

With the Christmas season on the horizon – and, who could ignore the massively-advertised newest American holiday of “Black Friday” – there is no doubt some of you guys are going to be wondering what you can get for your significant other to significantly improve your chances of unwrapping her in the near future.

Lingerie has been a go-to for bedroom fashion for eons. I suspect even the earliest attempt at a seductive statement likely involved some cave-dweller trimming a touch of sabre-tooth tiger fur off the hem of her frock.

But before you launch yourself into the lacy realm of stockings, garters and teddies, there may be a few conversations worth having with your intended lingerie model. Unfortunately, nothing will put a chill on a romantic Christmas evening than a naughty present that isn’t accepted with the same excitement it was gifted.

Six reasons to talk about lingerie:

Know her tastes


If your wife or girlfriend doesn’t have a lot of colourful underwear already (bras, panties) … stick to the basics of black or red.

Let’s start with the easy; and keep in mind, the whole idea of knowing her tastes falls with almost every other point below. Her daily wardrobe will give you the best clues to her lingerie personality. Are her colour choices are subtle, vibrant, coordinated? Does she own more than one pair of heels higher than 3-inches? Pay attention to her everyday life to discover the best way to get her into something a little sexier. If her go-to look is your old college sweatshirt and a pair of tired ol’ track pants, chances are she’s not going to trade them for a clingy, sheer, gartered teddy with some Cuban-heel stockings.

Classic looks are always winners when starting out – flirty babydolls, lacy teddies, even the three-piece bra/panty/garterbelt set. Save the kinky stuff until you know she’s really into playing the seductress role.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. If you saw me in my daily setting, you would never suspect I had a travel trunk chalk full of naughty intimates. Some women have conflicting environments – a work role that is stylishly restrictive, so a bedroom style that blows up the sensuality and sexuality. But if she’s one these women, you’ll already know.

Know her reality

In all the time you have ever been together have you heard her say, “I just love how that thin fabric strip of a thong makes me feel like I’m being sawn in half.” I hate thongs. I almost never wear them except for when I do photo shoots or with the occasional dress that won’t let me get away with something I find more comfortable – and even then I can assure you, I’m weighing the reality of going commando.

It pays to know what she likes in her daily life – because if she thinks you expect her to get all glammed up for a night of bedroom passion, she’s already feeling performance anxiety. Don’t add to her reluctance by making her stray too far from what she feels comfortable in. Besides, if you play the whole plan properly, the thong/bikini/boyshorts won’t stay on for long anyway.

Know her limits

Ask yourself the question “Will she really like this?” I love lingerie. I wear a lot of it, I pose in and out of a lot of it … I’ve had men who weren’t my husband buy me lingerie to wear, I’ve bought lingerie to wear for men that weren’t my husband. But over time I have also come to realize that I tend to be a little unique. Most women don’t own a lot of lingerie, and some probably have only ever worn it on their wedding day. If this is your partner, that 50 Shades of Grey-inspired pleather outfit with wet-look stockings, riding crop and 6-inch stilettos may not be a good way to introduce her to the idea of wearing lingerie.

If your wife or girlfriend doesn’t have a lot of colourful underwear already (bras, panties) … stick to the basics of black or red. If she’s self-conscious, black is always best even if it is a bit cliché. If she’s a more colourful type, ask her what her favourite colour is and stick with that.

Also consider if it is the kind of lingerie you’d like her to wear outside of the house. That can also determine how much of a leap is required in her comfort level.

Know your budget

Maybe you’ve heard that country song by Gretchen Wilson that says “Victoria’s Secret, their stuff’s real nice … but I can get the same thing from Wal-Mart half-price.” I’m not suggesting you cheap out on your purchase, but you also need to recognize that some women may only wear your purchase once. And they may only wear it for a matter of minutes. Are you really keen on dropping that $600 for La Perla or Agent Provocateur?

As someone who has worn a lot of different pieces of lingerie over the past several years, I can honestly tell you that your best bang for your buck won’t come from the money spent – but the consideration given to how she will look while wearing it, especially if she is not a frequent connoisseur of lacy things.

Know her size

This goes without saying; if you take nothing else from my blog today, at least take this one tip with you. There’s no excuse for not knowing her size – she has a drawer full of bras, panties and other assorted items that she wears on a daily basis. Do your homework before you buy.

Predict the future

OK, you’re probably wondering how this relates. Easy, if you pay attention to the clues she gives you and her lifestyle, you’ll already have everything you need to wow her with lingerie that she will happily slip into. Just like hunting, don’t go in for the kill if you haven’t stalked your prey – and a woman in lingerie is a rare and allusive creature. She can be skittish and easily scared off.

Above all, if the risks still seem too great, try the old-fashioned route: ask.

And don’t forget the stockings …

Andee     xoxo

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Panties | What They Say About Me

I came across this humourous article the other day, written by a man who was writing in response to an article that tried to define men by the kind of underwear they wore. Throughout the piece, he was very tongue-in-cheek about how certain styles of panties defined women because, as we all know, you can’t really define what someone’s personality is by the kind of knickers they have on.

Anyway, I thought it might be kind of fun to keep the theme going this week, as we have spent a couple days already discussing my panties. So, I opened up my panty drawer and had a look to see what different pairs might suggest about me …

Panties vs. Personality
My leopard-print thong

Out of my whole collection of underwear, these are the most recent pair to have joined my collection. I bought them to match a bra that I really wanted to get, and the store didn’t have anything sensible to match. The initial plan was that I needed something sexy that would work for some photo shoots, and yet still be practical enough for daily wear. In addition, my friend Matt had sent me this really awesome garter belt that had leopard print accents – a touch of my wild side on top of my exploring my wild side! It made sense, based on some of the naughty conversations I had already had with my hubby, so my animal instinct leapt at the chance to add them to my collection.

In the end, they are truly my panties for when I am feeling wild: they were the ones I was wearing for my afternoon rendezvous with my Office Guy!

My seamless VS bikinis

Some days I want you to notice my ass in my pants, or that sexy dress. And while you are ogling me from behind, the last thing I want in your mind is the distracting vision of my VPLs. My husband was the one who got me hooked – and hooked up – with the delight of Victoria’s Secrets, and there has been no looking back since. Some of the most comfortable yet sexy panties I have ever owned have translated into me feeling a lot more sexually confident and desirable … and willing to wear some of those sleek outfits and stylish skirts.

Who do you think benefits from that?

My sensible bikinis

Let’s be honest, a woman can’t walk around in her best lingerie every day of the week. And I know as much fantasy as you guys want to put into what we have on – or don’t have on – under our clothes, the truth is we have many days when the sensible side of our personality likes to be satisfied. Mostly in black, these panties do the job underwear is supposed to do … but are not so frighteningly ugly that should there be a need, I would not be embarrassed to reveal them. Every now and them, I might mix up that girl-next-door sensibility with a hint of red or pink or purple. A little colour is always good.

My black lace

Initially these were bought after I was prompted by my hubby for a devilish scheme he had in mind related to my flirtatious antics at work. The crazy games started a while back, when my hubby teased me about how I could drive my friend at work crazy by leaving a pair of panties for him. Yeah, great thought, but in a Bridget Jones moment, I realized that most of my “every day panties” aren’t exactly the trophy most guys might seek. So, with that in mind I found them … and kept them. They rank as one of my most comfortable pairs – and are still ready to play the role of a rear-view mirror prize should my bravery show up.

For me, these still hint at the flirtatious delight I get from those days when opportunity knocks. And like these panties, it shows that I have a sexy side, but still need to know where my comfort zone is.

My tiny t-bar

Every now and then I want to feel, dress and play the role of slut. Now, just to be clear, this does not mean putting on my naughty t-bar and a pair of low-rider jeans a la trailer trash style. No way. These tiny little panties cover just enough so that when I am wearing the drool-worthy club dress, you may just get a little flash of “barely there.”

I’m not much of a thong girl, so these are definitely the special-occasion panties – meant to come off within a couple hours of going on. These are usually accessorized with a pair of killer heels, also meant for those special occasions when they might point towards the ceiling as opposed to the floor!

Of course, the challenge for the men in my life is trying to determine just which mood they might catch me in.

I’m a lucky girl because some of them just keep adding to the selection, which keeps me feeling adventurous and sexy!

Andee     xoxo

Panties | So You Wanna Have A Peek

A couple weeks ago I blogged a little about panties, and whether or not I made certain selections just for those times when I expected sex to be on the agenda. And one of my most popular blog posts has been about my particular panty strategy. It seems that a lot you like to get into my panties.

And there’s probably a couple of you that I would like to get into my panties!

The truth is, I am kind of flattered. These days I pay more attention to what I wear, because there is something to be said for feel using sexy and looking sexy. I think I have also reached a stage in my life where my style is changing as I look to enhance my assets and squash the workplace boredom.

With all that talk about my underwear choices this was kind of a fun list to come up with, based on a question I was asked a while back about flashing my knickers in public.

So, where are the best places to give you guys a naughty peek? Here are  

Six Sexy Spots You May Have Seen My Panties:

1. At work

There are two kinds of office flashes: the ones where I know you are looking, and the ones when you steal a peek unbeknownst to me. The latter tends to occur during those moments when I might need to bend down and you try to grab a quick look from behind. Surprise, surprise, I know you guys do that. What won’t be surprising is for you to see me doing the trailer trash t-bar. You should know by now that I’m much more of a bikini girl … and I can’t stand it when you see those women who must be flossing. Not sexy.

The intentional peeks are much more fun and these days, by far, my favourite. These are the moments when you might see me sitting very strategically in the cafeteria, the hem of my dress carefully adjusted to the right length across my thighs as I cross and uncross my legs. You might even think that I have forgotten I am wearing a skirt or dress. But I know you are looking, because when I am in the mood to tease you this way, every move is carefully planned. Of course, this is usually targeted towards a select few.

2. Behind the wheel

Another fun way to be a little playful. Pull up beside me and you might notice the hem of my skirt or dress pulled right up. Have to be a bit careful with this one though, you don’t want those guys driving right off the road! There has also been a few times when, as a passenger, I have tormented my date just a little by pulling up what I am wearing and seeing how long he can a) keep his eyes on the road, and b) hold off from touching me in all the right places.

3. On the the train

A so-so one with me, mostly because the overwhelming majority of the men I encounter on the train tend to be really obnoxious perverts. I’m not all that turned on by their constant attempts to sneak a peek. You know what, buster? We’re not dumb. And you’re way too obvious to deserve a tease.

However, there is the odd occasion where I might intentionally sit in a particular way so that one of my handsome targets can enjoy a little panty peekaboo. I love to flirt and holding his attention becomes a very intriguing and subtle game.

4. On a date

Probably should rank a lot higher, but the majority of my dates these days are with the man who gets to see my panties pretty much anytime he wants … and has purchased a huge selection of items in my “Just for Sex” clothing collection.

Of course, what has become a lot more fun with this particular panty flash is to show them off while not actually wearing them! Easily done by taking a moment to slip into the bathroom, remove them and then return to my date. At this point, I slip them into his pocket; or even better, into his hand while they are still warm and moist from being on me.

5. At a party

The party panty flash is basically the same as above … although there may be an occasion or two in my past that involved alcohol and more than just one guy getting to enjoy my underpants. Maybe.

What is different from the date night knicker experience, the party panty flash is more often than not employed as a tactic to leave the party. Date nights are designed to build anticipation, make him work harder as reaching into my sexual mind or a reward for getting me horny with his charm.

6. On the dance floor

In all honesty, the last time I flashed my panties on the dance floor came courtesy of a naughty girlfriend, who lifted my skirt to flash a group of guys who were watching us from the sidelines.

Despite me wearing some brand new sex-worthy panties, the cute one never did email me … hmm … must have noticed the wedding ring on my finger.

Andee     xoxo

Sneak Peek | Do I Have "Sex Only" Panties

Every now and then, I have to look to some of the questions that have come my way in emails, chat and Formspring for some inspiration on my blogs. As I know this week will also be bringing the occasional pervert trying to sneak a peek up my skirt as I ride the train to work, it kind of struck me that this would be an appropriate idea for some naughtiness.

Do you have panties that are only for those “I know I’m having sex” nights?

The easy answer is yes, don’t we all?

It’s a bit of the Bridget Jones in all of us … if you have seen the movie, you know there is a scene where she scolds herself for wearing sensible underwear when it becomes obvious that she is about to be in a sexual situation.

My traditional selection of knickers revolves around the very comfortable, and still flattering should anyone get an unscheduled peek at them, bikini-style. This has been my panty of choice since I was a teenager. I’ve never been a thong girl, and won’t even get into a debate about that week each month when it just becomes a whole different purpose down there.

I’m also not the type to flash my t-bar every time I need to squat down at work, but I’m also someone who is fairly conscious of what I wear under my clothes influences how I feel about myself. If I want to feel sexy and confident, I need to have a feeling that I look sexy and confident. And underwear is the foundation on which I build that sentiment.

I am also an exceptionally lucky girl. I have a husband that is very intimate with Victoria and her Secrets, so I also have a drawer full of microfibre options at my fingertips. I will dress for sex, and have no shame in doing so.

As such, there are very specific pairs of panties in my collection that I will slip on, knowing who will be seeing them … knowing that I will be employing all my feminine charms to coax him into bed. On those occasions I have no problem setting aside my traditional bikini-style preference and will slip on a sexy Brazilian tanga, or a thong. Their time on my body will be short-lived, so I will deal with the slight discomfort of having “butt floss.”

My biggest goal in those moments is to see the look in his eye at the moment when my clothes hit the floor and I am standing there in just a tiny wisp of fabric between my moist desire and his throbbing passion.

So don’t be fooled. Every pair of panties are a carefully planned selection.

Andee     xoxo 

Thongs | A Different Panty Strategy

And here we are, another week! Don’t forget to check out my latest entry for Miniskirt Mondays. This week my photo is a few years older, but I think you’ll enjoy it. I know some of you are anxiously awaiting the launch of my newest summertime blog fun – Topless Tuesdays. I already have some pics selected and I think you will be deliciously teased and satisfied with them.

Now that summer is almost here, one of the things I talked about before becomes even more important – my panty strategy. With shorter skirts and sexy shorts now in fashion for the warm weather, making sure I am wearing something … appropriate … is a conscious choice. Plus I am one of those women that likes to make sure everything matches. Nothing worse than mismatched knickers! LOL

As I was discussing this last night with my hubby, he mentioned that more than a few of you guys have messaged before about my not-so-frequently seen thongs.

I think I have told you before that I am not much of a thong girl. From a personal perspective, I find them too distracting. I know if I had to go all day with one of those wedged between my butt cheeks, I would not be concentrating on my job properly. So, from a day-to-day thing, I just don’t have the patience it takes to get used to that constant sense of a split personality.
I do wear them on occasion for my photo updates … but in the end, that is more for you guys to enjoy than me really “wearing” them as underwear.
Now, having said that, I am not that close-minded to throwing a sexy little pair on for the right event. If I know they are likely to be coming off any time soon, I don’t mind. In fact, some of my most fun and erotic teasing moments have come from those times when I have dressed up in some sexy little dress and halfway through the night slipped the thong into my partner’s pocket.
The first time I wore a thong was not long after my husband and I started down the path of this sexual adventure. This goes back to the first time we visited a lifestyle club. You’ve seen the sexy blue mini dress I got for the occasion, and I found a tiny little thong to wear underneath … not sure just yet if I was ready to leap into that scene with a commando approach. And that was one of those moments when it came off before the night was through …
Not that long ago I did discover the “hybrid” Brazilian tanga … you know, the underwear that is part thong, but has a bit more frill and lace as opposed to the standard T-bar. I have a couple different pairs of those and I love the sexiness of slipped a pair on under a little mini. That way, if anyone was to steal a little up skirt peek, they would still see a cute little flash of lingerie and lace … call me a romantic!
Andee     xoxo

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