Miniskirt Monday

Start The Week The Right Way

My archive of all those leg-showing, teasing hemlines you enjoy every Monday on my main page. I know you need some reason to start each week with a smile! Each week, a new miniskirt pic will be posted along with the previous three weeks. Follow the link at the bottom to see 1,000s of pics on me in sexy miniskirts, short dresses … and always naked!

“A miniskirt is a skirt with a hemline well above the knees – generally no longer than 10 cm (4 in) below the buttocks. The popularity of miniskirts peaked in the “Swinging London” of the 1960s, but its popularity is since still commonplace among many women.”





  1. Very nice you are so Beautiful Andee!!! Les

  2. Your one sexy lady xxxx

  3. Very smart Andee. Let you be my secretary anytime in that outfit.

  4. Very beautiful legs!

  5. Lovely to see..mmmm

  6. You are a true Beauty!

  7. You are a joy to behold! Your whole body is a feast for my horny body!

  8. Thank you great start for the …be well

  9. Very nice look

  10. Yes, lots of talk … and surprise by the vote … but you look great … plaid never had it so good ! Happy Monday

  11. But where’s the bow tie? Cummerbund or vest ? Pure silk and pure wool? Mmmm … and what delights are waiting for us underneath? Hmmm … the imagination goes wild. Happy Monday ! Be thinking about that one all week.

  12. And a rock star on top of all of your other talents … you are an endless surprise ! In anticipation of what’s next …

  13. Such an enticing smile … you look great !

  14. Wonderful!!!!!!!!

  15. BTW your husband has wonderful taste

  16. Not a skirt and not so mini … but you look great in velvet … a great way to start off the week! Thank you …

  17. Mmmmm … trick or treat ???? I hoping for treat …

  18. Mmmmm … nice … what’s the old saying …”rode hard and put up wet” … or something like that … sounds delightful anyway … ; )

  19. Nice body suit … nice tease with the leather skirt … Mmmm

  20. You are certainly a “yellow tape” zone … use caution when entering … hard hat area only !

  21. Nice outfit … metallic and shiny … that will grab some attention with just enough peek-a-boo of your stocking tops … I like you hair !

  22. Thanks..great way to begin the day..never cease to amaze..gorgeous

  23. Nice peek a boo with your bra … big tease … nice knees !

  24. Hmmm … no stockings … Everyone wonders … “Is she going commando?”

  25. Nice … and we all wonder … stockings or pantyhose … Hmmmm ? Such a tease !

  26. You asked:

    “Who wants to meet me under the mistletoe this Miniskirt Monday?

    I do … especially if you have nothing else on except the pantyhose we got together with ribbon all around you and a few bows.

    Now, that is a present you would want to unwrap over and over and over and then over again … right under the mistletoe.

    Well, you asked …lol

  27. Nice dress … even better look on your face … quite the temptress.

    I look forward to many an adventure in the new year !

  28. Mmmmm … nice leather … just think how much shorter your mini could be if you were wearing pantyhose like in 441 😉

  29. And a Happy Monday to you !

    Nice lips … full, inviting, and luscious … mmmmm … you just want to pull you close and kiss you so deeply that you share souls 😉

  30. Hmmmm … a red head … I’m a sucker for redheads. And as you are teasing us by pulling up your dress (it doesn’t look like a skirt), the questions rolls around in our heads … does she have on panties or is she going commando?

    • I’m not telling 😉

      • OMG … you are such a tease … bad enough you have us all “twitterpated” by wearing pantyhose and then you leave us hanging as to whether you a free and breezy or warm and cozy. What’s a fellow to do … I suppose … just so thank you for wearing pantyhose … they adventure continues !

  31. Now, I like being a big game hunter … always fun to try and capture a rare wild cat … sure, it leaves scars but what an experience ….just so you know, I’m on the hunt !

  32. Nice off the shoulder tease … can I help with the other shoulder … Hmmm … I wonder what would happen then … would the dress just slip down to the floor? Which makes me wonder … no visible bra strap … is she totally naked under there? Ooooo … and then what would happen ???? I wonder ….

    • LOL … if you look very closely you can see the tiny strap of the tiny thong that I am wearing under the dress. Always a fantastic tease with those mesh sides…

      • Hmmmm … guess I need glasses … big difference being commando and “dressed” … just as much fun though 😉 … could only imagine if you had on sheer to waist pantyhose …. MMMMmmmmmm … that would be interesting ….

  33. Mmmmm … and the question to ask is … stockings ? or pantyhose ? I say pantyhose !

    Nice neckline … how do they stay in there, LOL

    and finger nails, the kind that leave long marks on your back in the throes of passion …;)

  34. Hmmmm… white tennis shoes … interesting feature … but I do like the direction the height of the flames are going … hehehehe … but I know more effective sensuous ways to heat things up with out using fire 😉

  35. LOL … I suppose not … but white? Virginal I suppose … hehehehehe … it’s a look … pure and fiery … nice combination … LOL

  36. Hehehehehe … not where you are concerned … just looking at you makes things naughtier … whether you have clothes on or not … Mmmmmmm Mmmmmmm

  37. Such a pouty look … “sway” … I’ll bet, as you sashay with a line of boys behind you watching you swing from side to side …

  38. Silver Surfer

    Nice leopard print heels … nothing like a little dash of “animalism” to give a standard outfit a sultry and exotic feel … and by the tub no less … but we all know cats don’t like water … so, it will be fun slipping off your shoes and playing “footsies” since you do not have any hosiery on … Mmmm … the imagination runs “wild”

  39. @jhoff630. Aka. Skip

    Class act. Beautiful

  40. Love your mini skirts/dresses/lrgs/heels. Do you smoke Andee?

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