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More Sexy @ Work

Hey everyone, this seems to have become a pretty popular subject around here; probably because over the past year I’ve taken to dressing up again at work. Because I work in a medical field, I used to wear typical medical garb all the time – although more for comfort than need.

And if you’ve been following my Twitter for a while, you know I’ve grown tired of not looking a certain way. I think the way coworkers treat you is part of the way you dress. If you always look frumpy, you’ll get treated like a frump.And as I’ve migrated into my mid-30s – the sexual prime for a woman – I’ve been a lot more conscious of my style, attitude and, I suppose, my mannerisms and flirtatious nature.

So out of all that came this question a while back, and I’ve decided to revisit it here for my blog:
What is your favourite outfit that makes you feel really sexy – at work? 
One of my sure-fire outfits is a particular black shirt I have. It has a zipper at the neck, and fits kind of snug. With the right bra, I know I can really get the looks. I know that sounds vain – and I guess it is, but when you feel like you’re sexy, and other people notice you, it makes you feel better about yourself. At least it does for me.

I match this with a pair of snug black dress pants and a pair of black dress shoes (sometimes with a narrow heel, other times with a more traditional style shoe). If I’m feeling particularly sexy, I might match the top with a really sexy silver skirt I have and a pair of black boots. But I have to be careful not to spend time near the cardiac ward…LOL…OK, truth be told I won’t wear the skirt to work because it is just damn short. I like to save it for those occasions when I’m heading out to a club, or a little more upscale place to grab a drink.

Oh, and I know one or two of you many be wondering – yes, all of it goes over quite well at home too!

Places To Kiss … or my travel bucket list

It’s been a pretty crazy weekend for me and it’s ONLY Saturday morning … I will definitely have a PRIVATE blog or two to share very soon! LOL
I love this time of year – not just because Christmas is on our doorstep, but because it seems to be the season of parties – gala dances, cocktail parties, office parties, open houses and friendly get-togethers. 

This was a little something that is meant to bring a little romance and smoochability to the day … and it seems some of you enjoyed my kissing styles entry the other day.

The Top 10 Places For Kissing – other than at Andee’s house!

It’s all about the kiss — and these destinations provide an ideal setting for a memorable one.

Marriages are sealed with them, they’re a traditional part of a greeting or parting and (according to a popular 1960s song) it’s how to tell if your man “loves you so.”

Kisses have captured the imagination of writers, artists and other romantics for centuries, so it’s no surprise we keep trying to create some memorable ones of our own. If you’re looking for an exotic local to create a memorable moment, offers some suggestions.

Paris, France
There’s no shortage of scenic places to kiss in the renowned City of Lovers, like on a cruise down the Seine River, on the Eiffel Tower lit up at night or virtually anywhere the city’s famous skyline serves as a backdrop.

However, Lonely Planet recommends an unusual place to stop for a smooch: the Père Lachaise Cemetery. That’s where you find the final resting places of artists, writers and famous lovers like Abelard and Heloise, as well as hundreds of other notable names. Ladies, don’t forget your favourite red lipstick to add your mark on Oscar Wilde’s grave.

If you’re looking for inspiration, head to the Musée Rodin to see Auguste Rodin’s famous work, The Kiss. Love is also a popular theme at the Louvre, where you’ll find romantic works like Antonio Canova’s Psyche Revived by the Kiss of Eros in addition to the scenic Tuileries and Carrousel gardens.

Venice, Italy
Live out the romantic image of two lovers cuddling in a gondola through the canals of Venezia , or tour the city on foot to enjoy the historical architecture and ambiance. It’s also home to legendary seducer and scholar Giacomo Casanova, whose prison room can still be seen in the Doge’s Palace. You can even climb the Golden Staircase mentioned in his memoirs of his escape from prison.

Other must-see sites include St. Mark’s Basilica, the Grand Canal and the Rialto Bridge. Rumour has it that lovers will enjoy life-long happiness together if they share a kiss while passing under the Bridge of Sighs at sunset.

Blarney, Ireland
You’ve heard the legend but have you thought about its practical applications? Kissing the stone to receive “the gift of the gab” might just help you sweet talk your sweet heart. But the kiss isn’t without its trials because the stone isn’t easy to reach. Those who want to attempt the ritual have to climb up to the castle’s battlements, lie on their back and lean backwards over the edge to kiss the stone — upside-down. Luckily, safe guards have been installed and the practice of hanging people upside down by their ankles has been abandoned altogether.

Sounds like too much trouble? The “biggest little village in Ireland” is still worth a look for its scenery and local history — and it’s just a short trip from nearby Cork City.

Casablanca, Morocco
This largest city in the North African Kingdom of Morocco gets the nod as the place to quote classic film lines and kiss “as if it were the last time”. While you won’t find Bogie’s fictitious café, you will find a rich heritage that blends Arab and European influences. Visit the medina area to see the Hassan II Mosque, and brush up on your hassling skills before you hit the Central Market and the many shops in the city for that unique souvenir.

But kiss with caution: Morocco is a Muslim country and adheres to conservative laws and customs. According to government travel advice, a kiss in public place may give offense in some parts of the country, and heterosexual relations outside of marriage and homosexuality are illegal.

Kissing, Germany
This hamlet has an appropriate (if unusual) name for those couples seeking some relaxation time together. Located in Germany’s Bavaria region, it’s a small town of about 11,500 people that used to be a minor capital back in 1050 under the name of Chissingen . Located just outside of Augsburg, it’s worth the detour for a kiss on the way to or from Munich.

If odd names strike your fancy, there’s also Kissing in Guinea, Love in Saskatchewan, Intercourse, Pennsylvania and Conception Junction, Missouri.

Kissimmee, Florida
The name is asking for it. Bordering on Orlando, this city is a hub of activity and close to all the popular attractions. Nearby Disney World lures romantics of all ages with the promise of charming princes, towering castles and happy endings. Sandy beaches make a relaxing day trip, and it’s a short drive to Port Canaveral where you can hop a cruise to the Bahamas. You can also stick around for local sights and attractions, like the Medieval Life Village and Historic Downtown Kissimmee.

New York City, New York
Movies like An Affair to Remember and TV shows like Sex and the City have made this city a media darling, but there’s some historical precedence for special embrace. As Lonely Planet points out, Ellis Island was the entry point for immigrants entering the US and was therefore the site of many happy family reunions. Every year, millions of people gather in Times Square on New Years Eve to watch the ball drop — and start the year with a smooch. And of course, there’s Alfred Eisenstaedt’s famous photograph of a sailor stealing a kiss with a nurse during the VE Day celebrations.

Other kiss-worthy occasions include a trip the observation deck at the Empire State Building and a picnic in Central Park’s Sheep’s Meadow.

Island destinations always make a great romantic getaway, but this tiny nation of rugged atolls offers something extra. Kiribati’s 33 isles are in the cerulean waters of the South Pacific, just west of the international dateline, making it the first place in the world to welcome the new day. If you ring in the New Year on one of Kiribati’s Line Islands, you and your beloved could be the first people on earth to steal a kiss.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tall and tan and young and lovely’ pretty much describes every frolicking sunlover on scintillating Ipanema beach. Antonio Carlos Jobim, a native of Rio, captured that universal longing for tropical beachside romance when he wrote the sultry ‘The Girl from Ipanema’. Listening to this bittersweet bossa nova will make you want to pack your bags and head to Brazil, where a kiss on both cheeks comes with every friendly “hello.”

Hershey, Pennsylvania
How about a kiss of a different kind? Anyone who loves chocolate will undoubtedly enjoy a trip to the “Sweetest Place on Earth”. There are many things to do in the area besides enjoy chocolate. If you’re looking for a sweet Valentine’s getaway, the town offers month-long chocolate celebrations every year during the month of February. Some of the events include gourmet dinners with chocolate dessert buffets, chocolate tastings and classes on how to make truffles and chocolate cocktails.
And if sports, nearby Civil War history and the charming countryside don’t do enough for you … buy some of that dark delight in liquid form – and I might let you lick some off me!

The Sexy ‘Trick’

Hey everyone, I pieced this entry together from a couple different conversations that I’ve had with some of my sometimes-flustered Office Guys. I’m sure a lot of you have probably even been down this road as well – because fashion is always a great topic among men and women … and a great way to tease.
What are some of the things/tricks you do to make yourself appear sexy?
I’m not sure I have any real “tricks” that I use. I definitely put a lot of thought into my outfit for the moment, including what I wear underneath that outfit. I think if you feel sexy, that shows to other people. Maybe it’s just a vibe, or look…but I think you can tell.
I suppose the one thing that I do pay a lot of attention to is my hair. My hair is naturally curly, so when I take the time to straighten it and get all made-up, I think that would be my trick. I also spend a bit more time on my make-up, doing it a bit more than what I would for my job, or something like that.
When I’m out, I try to look a little more confident than I really am. In all honesty, despite what you guys see on my website, I’m still a pretty shy person face-to-face. This stuff is my ongoing “coming out” experience; a part of me that most people don’t get to see or know about.
Also, if I’m feeling in the mood, and the night is going well, I guess I flirt a lot, and keep eye contact a little more than I normally would.
What’s your favourite ‘come F-me outfit?’
Well, it changes from time to time. Since my husband is the one who actually buys me most of my non-work clothes, so much of it depends on his “fetish” at the time. But I can usually guarantee it involves some sort of skirt.
If I’m feeling like I really need to get laid after a night out, I wear a skirt. That’s the one thing that pretty much always drives my husband crazy. The coup-de-gras is if I put on a pair of boots. Sometimes he’s so easy ;~)
A Sure Thing … ?
Some of you guys have already seen the one outfit that I really like, and feel very sexy in: the white tank-top & sheer blouse with the black skirt.. I really feel sexy in that set, and it’s one of those that can be either very revealing when I’m in the mood, or a little classy and still sexy when I need to be.
Also, I have a great suede skirt and matching sweater. I don’t think there’s any pics online yet, but I have a pair of boots that goes with it. That really makes me feel sexy. I remember wearing it out one time when I was at a work-related convention. My girlfriends and I were hanging out at the hotel bar, and I was definitely enjoying the attention we were getting. A few of the guys there joined us and we all had a lot of fun (and free drinks for us). By the end of the night, it was just one friend and I left with a bunch of these guys, and the drinks had certainly loosened everyone up. The conversation was very sexual and filled with innuendo – which is also a riot when it doesn’t cross the line.
The comments I got on my outfit, and the boots, and my legs were a real turn on for me. I know that sounds very vain – which really, I’m not at all. But when you’re married and have been with the same guy for 17 years, you really love the feeling of knowing other men still find you attractive.

Can We Be Friends?

I’m sure by now, those of you who follow me on Twitter and check out my little blogs and drivel realize that I read a lot … and often read a lot of rubbish! LOL

I was sitting in my livingroom after dinner last night reading one of those trashy magazines my hubby bought for me. I think he just likes the little headlines on the cover that suggest ways to light up the bedroom and how to drive him wild with jello, etc. You know the type of magazine I’m talking about.

This one had the results of a recent survey they held for their annual hunt for the hottest men in the United States. I think it might not help that the editor is a guy, but anyway … The one result I found interesting was that 90 per cent of the guys who responded said they believed men and women could just be friends. I found that interesting, mostly because while I believe that men and women can just be friends, I’m always amused how those friendships in my own life always end up revolving around sex. Maybe not the actual physical act between the guys and I, but the gradual build up to that being a big part of it – from subtle conversation, to flirtation, to the loosely veiled suggestions.

Even recently, a male coworker – who is married to a beautiful woman and has two great kids – began to make more aggressive innuendos. This was someone that I consider a friend on a completely different level. Especially since I know his wife, she knows me, etc.

It makes me wonder if perhaps I send out the wrong message to guys, even in friendship. The fact that I tend to be pretty open about my lifestyle, my antics and the occasion digression involving alcohol, a frat house and video cameras may not help my cause … OK, just kidding about the frat house part – at least since 1993.

Do men believe that a purely platonic relationship can exist with a woman? Even in moments when both parties become actively involved in committed relationships with others, and eventual marriages? For me, it’s quite a curious thought … but I guess that’s mostly because, as mentioned here and previously, I tend to be more of a flirt than I should be.

Is there some truth to the “it’s me, not you” syndrome?


Trashy Advice Drives Me Crazy

At break yesterday I was reading one of those trashy women’s magazines that seem to make their way from the waiting room to the staff lunch room when their purpose has expired. In this one was the advice column from one of those “so-called relationship experts.”

In her column, a writer was asking what it meant by her husband continually looking at other women. The reason this rings so true with me is because it is something that my husband and I continually discuss. Having said that, I also recognize that we are probably the kind of couple that would drive a “relationship expert” over the brink!

To her credit, the expert pointed out that we are humans, with an instinctive curiosity about others. Personally, I like to see it as a healthy dose of voyeurism! LOL However, the expert goes on to talk about her own past relationship with a man she referred to as “The Ogler.” OK, lost me there – can you say “agenda.”

The issue for me is more about the exclusion of the partner in the natural habit. Seriously, I am here on a website designed to help women like me improve their appearance … which means improving how I look to others, in addition to all the personal reasons. Maybe I am the strange one for hoping that I am one of those women that does attract a man’s attention. I certainly invest enough effort into it and it would be disappointing to discover it was all a figment of my over-active imagination.

But at the same time, I also can appreciate why my significant other likes to look at other women – heck, I like to look at other women! Does this looking suggest he is seeking a replacement for me? I doubt it … but that is mostly because we don’t misinterpret each others’ “people watching.” The key, in my definitely-no-expert opinion, is communication. The woman asking the question obviously has some jealousy issues, or feels threatened by his noticing of other women … which to me indicates deeper problems in the relationship than just noticing a “hot babe” at the next table. It seems they are just not able to express a part of themselves in a marriage that needs to be nurtured more than one’s ability to balance a chequebook or mow the lawn.

The emotional passion and desires need to be in bigger focus than anything else. I don’t know about you, but it’s not the material things that fuel my relationship with my husband … it’s knowing who he is, his desires, lusts, passions, ambitions, dreams and fantasies that make up a core part of it. If I know and am in tune with all that, then we sail through the moments of economic recession, mortgage re-negotiations, bills, etc.

Then, of course, we are able to relish those more “sexually charged” moments when his (and my) gaze is turned to a stunning set of legs in a short skirt. I say that because, truly, we both appreciate that. I know him well enough to say he would never be distracted by a set of tight buns or rock-hard abs on a fit guy at the beach.

The expert says that this woman “must not tolerate” her husband’s ogling any longer – clearly suggesting something akin to showdown at the OK Corral. Like that will turn out positive.

Do I have an answer? Not really, it was just something that my coworkers and I got a little giddy about …

Oops! I have to run. Have to get myself all dressed up for work in case that hot guy from the courier company shows up!

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