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New Neighbour Moving In Soon

Hey there! I know there’s not much here right now … that’s because I’m still packing up all my boxes at my old blogging home and getting ready to move in here. Hopefully you’ll slip around when I’m all settled in!

Andee  xoxo

TMI Tuesday | Sex Ed & Daily Discussions

Life has been so crazy the past couple months, between family obligations and career aspirations. But I know you’re not here to read about the doldrums of my offline life, and there is no way I could let this week’s TMI entry pass without some sort of contribution.

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions were inspired by Sex-Ed writer Jon Pressick and his #dailysexdiscussion that happens on Twitter. I highly recommend you check out his blog and get involved by following him of Twitter. He is one of my personal favourites and I rarely miss the opportunity to put in my 140-characters.

1. Have you ever investigated having an open relationship? Have you tried to have an open relationship?
I don’t know if what we have explored would be considered “open.” To me that implies that either partner can just plug along at their own thing without having to seek permission, or really involve the other partner. More of what we have explored falls into the more lifestyle-oriented term of “soft swap,” whereby we all played together in one bed, without the men switching partners for full penetrative sex.

And although the idea still appeals greatly to me – and the chance to explore even more – it’s a very complicated process to find another couple who have the chemistry we are looking for as a couple. But I’m game to try again.

2. Do you have any sexual phobias? What have you done to manage or overcome them?
I can’t say I have any “phobias” … but there are certain things that I’m just not into as a sexual person.

3. What is the best new sexual activity you have tried in 2013?
Sadly, 2013 has not been my year for incredible new adventures … but with half a year still to go, I’m optimistic that something might come my way!

4. Have you ever called into a sex advice radio/television show or written to a sex advice columnist? Was it helpful?
I touched on this one before, I believe … definitely in the #dailysexdiscussion on Twitter. But I find myself being the opposite; I find I’m the one offering a lot of sex advice and using things like Twitter and my blog as ways to share some of that. Heck, I even put together a fun little eBook on How To Get Her To Rock Your World.

5. Would you use the services of a sex therapist? Why or why not?
At this stage all I can offer is the exceptionally clear “not sure” as an answer … because I’m not sure.

6. Should sex therapists be allowed to engage in actual sexual activities with clients? Why or why not?
I don’t think this is a very good idea, mostly due to how it could put vulnerable people at tremendous risk.

BONUS: Have you read any adult sex ed books lately? What do you recommend?
In all honesty, it has been a very long time since I read any sexual education books. The majority of my sex-based reading – when not erotica – is done online, or in snippets from magazines during my lunch break at work. I think one of the last books I read related to the education side of sexuality was Terry Gould’s The Lifestyle, an sort of investigative book on swingers. It was enlightening.

Andee     xoxo

TMI Tuesday | How Do You Like …

Without question, I share some of the deepest, darkest secrets of my sexual life with you on here – but sometimes it can be fun to step back and let you see a sliver of the real me behind the woman you know as Andee. So, with that in mind, here’s another TMI Tuesday inviting you behind the scenes.
How do you like …
1. Your eggs cooked?
Most of the time, I like them easy-over. I like a little bit of a runny yoke that I can dip my toast in; but they have to be cooked. I remember being out on the east coast one time and they cooked their eggs with what surely must have been a cigarette lighter because when my order came to the table, they were still raw for the most part. Kind of put me off eggs for a while – and I grew up on with poultry on our farm.

2. Your sandwich cut? In half, down the middle of the square or on the diagonal?
I really don’t have a tremendous preference here. Most of the time, I cut them down the middle but I think that is probably just out of a habit versus any conscious decision or preference. Plus it cuts the meat down the middle, leaving better odds of equal distribution between the two halves.

3. Your coffee?

At home, I prefer my coffee with double milk and a shot of flavouring, such as French Vanilla or Butter Pecan.
At work, I always go for half coffee, half hot chocolate – so a kind of “mocha” drink, but not the sickly-sweet mocha cappuccino a lot of places serve up.
4. Your tea?

Pretty simple – two milk. But I generally don’t go for the fancy teas. I might have green tea, but none of this bizarre stuff with names I can’t pronounce.
5. Your ice-cream served–cup, cone or condom? Yup you read that right, a condom. Read more here

I’ll take a cone; never had an ice cream condom and not sure it intrigues me all that much. Condom lube – even the flavoured kind – is kind of disgusting.
6. Your hair–long or short? Up or down? Straight or curly? Permed or natural?

Ooo … the most dangerous question of all the TMI Tuesdays in 2013 so far. I have a lot of pressure to grow my hair out again; but I don’t think I’m going to go back to as long as it was when I was in my 20s. The reality now is that I have a lot of grey and colouring it turns into an expensive proposition. On top of that, long hair requires a tremendous amount of time in the morning to get ready and look nice. My hair is naturally curly, so if I want it straight when it’s long, it’s a good hour investment each day.
7. To have sex? In what position?

Doggy, followed by missionary. I know, not so exciting … but doggy style feels so incredible and deep; plus it allows the man to hit all the right spots inside me. But I also love missionary so we can have sex face to face, kiss … and I can see the expression on your face when you finally cum deep inside me. Very erotic.
BONUS: How do you like your lovers?
Considerate, creative and confident.
Andee     xoxo

Relationship | Kiss & Make Up

Relationships all have their moments; highs, lows, left turns, right turns, green lights and red lights. As they grow into something more significant, those ups and downs can be emotionally challenging to both sides of the argument – and divisive in the bedroom. Good relationships find a way to evolve from those moments and blossom into something others tend to be envious of … or at least wonder how to achieve a similar balance.

To be honest, I also believe that any relationship worth having needs to be a dynamic one that matures through consensus and conflict. You have to challenge your own beliefs and positions every now and then in order to grow. Additionally, to appreciate the great times, you have to endure the hard times.

This year marks 23 years since I first met my husband and entered into an incredible partnership of adventure and exploration. It hasn’t been a picnic from beginning to end – we struggled through some early dark days and found our way through a commitment to making it work instead of running away.
But, are we perfect … whoa Nelly … far from it. So even I can enjoy the advice that I gained from a recent experience.
I was having a pretty decent day until one of my coworkers revealed a bit of news. She’s having some major issues at home as she and her husband are fighting. Well, you know me; I couldn’t resist avoiding a bit of responsibility and found some stuff about making up after a fight. Maybe you guys might be able to use it yourself? I printed out a copy and will keep in my purse for my man the next time we have a spat.
What is the best way to kiss and make-up after a big fight?
1. Show them you love them in new and exciting ways.
There are tons of different ways to show someone you love them, and declaring your affection in new ways is a great way to make up after a fight.
2. Try writing them a romantic poem, even if it’s really sappy.
Sure, it may be a very bad and sappy poem, but your lover will be much more likely to kiss and make up with you after a breakup if you’re willing to make a bit of a fool of yourself first!
3. Make your sweetheart a romantic dinner, even if you’re a lousy cook.
Just like writing a romantic poem, making a romantic dinner doesn’t involve the end result as much as the effort.  Putting your all into preparing a nice meal will help your make up session go much smoother and put your fight in the past.
4. Try sending them a fun, romantic greeting card.
This one is easier to do than writing a poem or cooking a meal, but it still goes a long way when it comes to making up with your sweetheart.  Putting a card into the mail after a breakup is easy and inexpensive.
5. Add some romantic flowers to the mix, whether you’re a guy or a girl.
No matter whom they are or whether they are a guy or girl, your sweetie will love a gift of romantic flowers from you after a fight.  Just take care to send them to a location that won’t embarrass them, like at work, if you want to your “kiss and make up” session to go smoothly.
6. Try taking them out for a special romantic date to mend things.
If you’ve progressed far enough to see each other again after a fight or breakup, try taking them out on a special date to mend the fences.  Be creative and look at it as a chance to re-discover each other and make up.
7. Look at your relationship problems as an opportunity to grow together.
As we said before, every romantic relationship experiences problems, fights, and even occasional breakups.  But if you look at it as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and grow together, you will be much more likely to kiss and make up.
8. Try to learn to laugh at yourself and not take things too seriously.
This one is key.  Taking things too seriously doesn’t make anything easier, especially a breakup of fight.  And if you want to make up, then you need to learn to lighten up and laugh at yourself a little.
9. Don’t be afraid to let them have time to themselves to heal.
Time alone is very important in a relationship, especially so after a bad fight or a breakup.  Give them and yourself time to heal before rushing back to make up right away.
10. Take another look at becoming better friends.
If you can work at becoming better friends, your relationship will be much better able to handle fights and breakups.  And when it comes time to kiss and make up, you’ll be able to do it easier if you are friends.
So, there you go … a borrowed collection of tips on how to keep your own relationship strong, progressive and hopefully sexual adventurous every now and then!
Andee     xoxo

Getting Into My Panties

Just in case anyone may be confused about things, I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I am happily married and have no intention of making any changes there. But, as I was checking some of my back-dated questions from you guys, I found one that simply asked how a guy could get into my panties.
The thing is, despite my marital status, I have desires, dreams, fantasies and sexually deviant thoughts that occasionally involve someone other than my loving husband getting into my panties. Especially after that person has made them moist by getting me all hot and bothered.
So, just for fun, here’s some advice …
Four Ways To Get Into Andee’s Panties
1. Let’s not beat around the bush … alcohol is always one way to get me loosened up.
While I have a slight reputation as a “cheap date” when it comes to indulging in liquor, the use of such has led me to some rather intriguing sexual situations that involved me dropping my panties. The first time I experience anal sex came following a night of dancing and drinking at a Christmas party … years later, a night of drinking and partying at a neighbours led me to showing off my nipple ring, and ultimately to diving into bed with my husband as a foursome with another couple.
2. Blow my mind before you attempt to rock my world.
Yes, it’s an investment … and it’s also going to come with an audience; because if you really want to get into my panties – like my Office Guy managed to do – you’re going to have to demonstrate that there is an honest chemistry between us before that happens. Once you have appealed to my imagination and sexual psyche, you’ll also have to understand that any panty-dropping between you and I will feature my husband most likely quietly sitting in the corner watching the whole experience go down.
3. Use your lips before your hands.
One of the leading sexual turn-ons for women is kissing – and it happens to be one of my most favourite moments of foreplay, and often results in me feeling a lot more willing to take things to the next level. In fact, a really good kisser can get me wet and weak-kneed in a very short time – which bodes well for access to the underwear.
4. Be opened-minded and seductive.
Yes, this borders on the same answer as #2, but with a slightly kinky twist. Like most women, our greatest sexual stimulator is located directly between our ears. You’ll need to spend a lot of time having aural sex with me before my lacies hit the carpet.
BONUS: Buy them … yes, this is a gratuitous moment of self-promotion, but you shouldn’t really be surprised if you’re a regular reader. You know I have an adult-themed website and I do a number of naughty, not-so-socially-acceptable things in my spare time.
And to be fair, I can’t say that I’m a great salesperson or self-promoter when it comes to this part. I still find it just a bit – odd – that someone might want a pair of my panties. But I’m not going to judge, and since the idea has been an often-requested one … they’re all yours.
Andee     xoxo
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