All About Andee

So, you want to know more about me?

I’m a flirtatious 30-something Canadian wife, mom and career woman. My birthday is May 6, which makes me a Taurus (yes, that’s right – a horny bull … eh). Taurus’ are known for their passion, sexual straight-forwardness and loyalty. I have no idea where you got the idea we can be stubborn.

On the physical side – as you can see from my photos – I’m a brunette and sometimes I add a touch of auburn highlights to my hair. I have very dark brown eyes, which a lot of people say is one of my best features. If I had to pick the one thing that you guys do compliment me on … honestly … it is my eyes. And since they are the window to the soul, I’m flattered you notice I have a pair!


I tower over the kindergarten set at 5’2″ and weigh … enough. My breasts are 36Bs and someday I would like them to be back where they were before I had kids and a little bit bigger. But that’s a whole different adventure right now.



Although a set of C-cup breasts may seem pretty sizable, together they only add up to three quarters of a pound.


Some of you have asked, “What turns you on, Andee?” I get turned on by really good kissers; kissers that know exactly how to use their lips and tongue to get me going. That’s something that always makes me weak in the knees. After that, I love it when a guy or girl nibbles on my earlobe and that little spot at the top of the neck just behind the ear – mmmm – wow! I’m a very sensual person, and I love people that can appreciate the sensual side of sex and photography, as opposed to the “in yer face” hardcore. And people who understand that the imagination is one of the most powerful sex toys around also turn me on. (But I love battery-operated ones too, just in case you’re wondering!)


For those who want to know what really goes on behind this MILF’s closed door: I’m a professional heterosexual and a practicing bisexual. I absolutely LOVE men, but I lustfully enjoy dabbling a little bit with a really sexy woman. This has certainly redefined my “orientation” but I have made some awesome friends that share in those experiences – just as living is meant to be 😉

I’m very happily married to a man who loves to share our sexual experiences with an open mind. We have travelled a great deal down this path together and he has allowed me to explore a lot of my own fantasies and encouraged me to uncover my curiosities. There are a lot of things that I am still curious about, and some that been much more than confirmed!

What else?

Like many women, I love clothes and nice lingerie. That’s not to say some of the more raunchy stuff can’t be fun, but I always wanted my goal in my photos to be somewhat erotic and tasteful.

My girlfriends tell me that I’m extremely lucky about this part: My husband buys a lot of my clothes and underwear for me – he has a great sense of fashion, and wants me to look good whether I’m at work during the day, or working it in front of the camera for you guys. He claims to know just what Victoria’s secret really is, and his secret is the credit card bill. He’s the only guy I know that gets a personalized Christmas card from Victoria’s Secret head office every year!

But who am I to complain about a guy who loves buying me lingerie and underwear.

Of course, working it in front of the camera also means watching that I don’t over-indulge in my favourite food or drinks. I have a healthy bit of Italian in me, and I love Italian food and seafood. My husband makes awesome pizza, so we tend to eat. And what’s a love of food without a few nice drinks. I don’t mind sucking down a cold Bud Light with the guys in the summer, I love a nice glass of Pinot Grigio, but my favourite drink is a Bloody Caesar. Not a popular drink in the U.S. but big in Canada – think Bloody Mary with clamato juice (clam and tomato) instead of just tomato juice. It’s spicy and hot – just like me 😉

When my life isn’t about sex and chasing curiosities, I’m actually a pretty average girl-next-door type. Like all of you, I get up and go to work each day so I can pay the bills. I worry like crazy about the economy, interest rates, feeding the family and paying my mortgage. I call circus jugglers “amateurs” because flaming bowling pins, chainsaws and and razor-sharp axes are easy compared to keeping a household together and afloat in these times. Never mind a marriage and parenthood.

I dream about retiring young and traveling the world. I fantasize about having the body I had at 18, and wished I had waited before I “gave it up” the first time.



86% of men and 81% of women admit they routinely flirt with the opposite sex…and so do 100% of Andees


I love reading; I’m into the paranormal, ghosts, hauntings and love watching shows about real life experiences. I’m very into my kids and their activities – rotating between the sexy baseball mom and crazy hockey parent.

Wow … you’re still here after all that? Well, if there’s anything you would still like to know about me, try my FAQ Page, or feel free to e-mail me and I will try my best to answer your questions!

Andee     xoxo

  1. Jules Hoffmann

    Excellent.. exciting

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