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TMI Tuesday | Taboos and Tickles

So here we are, reluctantly saying goodbye to summer and all the sweaty fun that it brought. To me it seems like it literally breezed by, given how jam-packed my schedule has been over the past couple months. And, to top it off, switching jobs and leaving behind my friends and flirty Office Guys has meant a big change in my life.


Anyway, it’s a good week to settle back into some TMI for you to enjoy with more questions submitted by TMI Tuesday players, on June 16, as a response to that week’s bonus question. Thank you again! This week’s entry is all about taboo, tickles, and fantasy.

From :

1. What strange areas of your body are ticklish?

Hmm … nothing outrageous I would say, just the usual places that most of us are: bottom of my feet, my sides, my neck.

From :

2. What is something you are interested in sexually, but only on a purely fantasy level? Something that you think about but could never fully act on.

When you get right down to it, I doubt very much I could really go through with a multiple guy sex romp. I’m not talking about just me and a couple of hot hunks getting down and dirty, I’m talking about the double digit kind of soiree. In my mind it seems so erotically delicious, but it’s truly outside of my comfort zone in a reality kind of daylight.

From :

3. If you could have a week of the best sex ever in human history but you had to have a fish head as your head for the rest of your life, after that week, would you do it?

No, that’s just too whacked for me … too comicon/sci-fi schtick. It’s like something out of bad George Lucas ripoff or a bad 1960s TV program. I’ll settle for years of mediocre over spending life being chased around by guys in Captain Kirk costumes because they find extraterrestrial sexy.

From :

4. What do you consider taboo and have you ever ventured into this territory? Was it a great, good, bad or horrific experience?

Incest … no … and never will.

From :

5. What part of your body do you consider the most unusual that you enjoy being stimulated?

Frankly, my mind … because it seems to be the one thing way too many guys overlook when they are trying to coax a woman into bed. Sure, lots of guys think they talk a good game, but all too often they aren’t able to recognize just how transparent and shallow they are. There’s a fine line between confident and cocky, intelligent and arrogant.

BONUS From :

If you could make a porn film/video with any celebrity, who would it be and why?

Jennifer Aniston … because she’s freakin’ gorgeous and I know it would totally blow the mind of almost every guy I know. And more than just that, she’s also one of the few celebrities out there that you would expect to do something like that – so the huge novelty would be an additional motivator.

Andee     xoxo

Sexy Northern Angel

Yes, It’s All About Size

I’m not sure that any guy out there is particularly thrilled about the idea of using the words “fast” and “penis” in the same breath … but this week, Fast Fact Friday takes me right into your pants with some very probing questions that forced me to think hard about coming up with my answers.

114313500-e1349115493457-300x254Don’t lie; does size matter (to you)? Absolutely it does; and I think any woman who says different isn’t being very honest with you. But at the same time, I’m not talking about needing to have a monster appendage dangling between your thighs. I want something that fits in all the right places nicely and is owned by a man who knows how to take his lot in life and work it with an incredible amount of sexual talent.

Have you ever had a guy who was too big? Not yet; although my openness to find the owner of such involves a few conditions … best read my blog archives to figure out that part before you start sending me fake cock pics and offers to teach me the mathematical reality of Imperial measurement.

What do you think about a man who has a small penis complex? I think he should stop watching mainstream porn movies. The national average for the erect male penis clocks in between just over five inches; which if you really know how to make love to a whole woman (and not just her nether regions) will be more than enough.

Hair down there or all bare? It varies on season and economics for me. I prefer a nice smooth Brazilian – but I know a lot of men who spend time on my website also enjoy those times when I’m a bit more natural. At worst, things are trimmed neatly enough so you can see I have pubic hair, but no wild jungles for me.

Do you find bald men sexy? I find complex personalities, twisted senses of humour, sincere kindness and class sexy. If he happens to wrap all those up in nothing but his raw flesh or hides them beneath a Fabio-inspired flowing mane matters not.

What do you think of manscaping and do you have a personal preference? Allow me to help so you don’t cut yourself … trimmed is amazing, especially if it does that optical illusion of erasing your small penis complex. Because trimming your pubic hair will make your cock look bigger … it also helps get me down there for closer inspection. And I know how you feel about having my face so close to your crotch.

Two things you like and dislike about giving oral sex. First thing I like is the sheer power it gives me; to know that I can bring you to the absolute brink of sexual torment with my mouth – delicious. Second thing I like is the feeling of a man’s rigid shaft in between my lips, the heat of his flesh, the delicate softness of his skin, smoothness of his head … yum. What I don’t like is poor hygiene and a rat’s nest of pubic hair. And oh, if you are going to cum in my mouth, cum in my mouth. Don’t grab my head so hard that you’re actually shooting your load directly into my small intestine. Let me taste you, tease you and swallow you.

What is the weirdest sex act anyone has ever tried to perform with you? I have to admit, I’m pretty vanilla in this category. Perhaps the strangest thing would be using a glass wine bottle on me … or maybe allowing me to invite a couple of friends into our bedroom for a little foursome experience? Or perhaps my husband allowing me to enjoy an afternoon rendezvous in a hotel room with a co-worker – and sit quietly in the corner as the whole sexual encounter played out before his very eyes. I guess people in my circle of friends might find those things weird – but definitely a lot tamer than about 90 per cent of what you can see on the Internet with a quick Google search.

Andee     xoxo 

Sexy Northern Angel

Let’s Play … With Ourselves

Hey guys, so glad you could stop by for another “fast fact Friday.” This week’s entry was especially enjoyable for me as it touched on one of my most favourite sex subjects after sex: masturbation. For me, the act of masturbation has been one of those that treads between a highly personal moment, and one designed to entice my partner into joining in.

Relationships | The Other Side of the StatsI know if you have spent any time reading my blog, you will know that I’m quite comfortable with the idea of self-pleasure – and that I have a sizable arsenal of gadgets at my disposal to help me achieve that elusive orgasm. See, I am one of those women that needs the manual stimulation in which to achieve orgasm, so it is something I invest a healthy amount of commitment, practice and respect to.

Anyway, enough stroking the keys on the teasing build-up to the answers you seek this week …

Have you ever been caught masturbating? Yes, both intentionally and not.

When is the last time you’ve masturbated? About halfway through answering these questions … and I might try for a second orgasm shortly after finishing this week’s writing.

What is the most unusual item you have used to get off? The most unusual item I have used on myself is our old vacuum cleaner. If you placed the hose extension handle on the right spot and the right angle, the hum from the motor was subtly delicious. I was horny and intrigued … it worked like a charm and I got the housecleaning done, eventually. The most unusual item that someone else has used on me would be the long neck of a wine bottle … the result led directly to that person going out and buying me my first “official” sex toy. I still have the occasional dirty thoughts when I watch a man pour me a glass of wine.

Do you like to watch other people pleasure themselves? Absolutely. I love watching a man stroke himself to completion … gets me in the mood for some serious playtime.

Have you ever masturbated for someone other than your husband? Yes … we were “swinging” with another couple. She was sucking on her man’s erection to finish him off, so I sat up in the bed and played with my pussy until I came as I watched.

Have you ever masturbated on webcam? Yes, but not in a long time. I don’t really have the time for webcamming these days, but it was something I did more than a few times way back when. I also don’t have nearly the same amount of privacy in my life as I used to, so having the chance to settle in for a bit of fun in front of the camera is almost non-existent.

What do you think of men masturbating to/for you? For the most part, it’s a turn on that men find me stimulating enough to produce that kind of desire and need.

Have you ever watched another woman masturbate? Only on webcam a long time ago. I would love to watch it in person.

Have you ever had phone sex? Did you enjoy it? A couple times with my husband and once with another man. It was hot and erotic at the time – as are a lot of things when a girl is incredibly horny – but I definitely prefer sex in person.

Now, with all that said and done, I think I might quietly slip into my bedroom and try to coax another orgasm out from my tingling pussy. Happy Friday!

Andee     xoxo

Sexy Northern Angel


Going ‘Commando’ And Other Things

There’s an old expression in the fashion industry that goes “they say clothes make the man …” and, without a doubt, your personal style can say a lot about you. Personally, I’m fortunate that I married a man who has a great fashion sense and keeps me from looking like a slob most days. All those great dresses, sexy shoes and hot miniskirts you enjoy on my website are a mostly due to his efforts. On top of that, I’m blessed with having a couple friends who have come to appreciate my photographic hobby and contributed their own idea of what I should be wearing – mostly as I get naked, though.

de283-sexyreadingThis week for Fast Fact Friday, we’re going to slip into my bedroom, dump out the drawers and open the closet doors…

Do you feel comfortable going “commando”? Going commando for me is a very planned occasion – or a mid-date decision depending on the circumstances and how horny I am. If I’m wearing a certain outfit that just won’t allow for panties, then sure. But in reality, I don’t go commando very often, because as hot and sexy as it might seem, it’s not always the most comfortable approach.

What is your favourite piece of lingerie to wear underneath your clothes? I have a couple items that I absolutely love wearing under my clothes – particularly this bra that I own; it’s a front-closure push-up bra and it makes the girls look absolutely amazing. The other thing I enjoy, but don’t often bring out, are my thigh highs. Whenever I feel the need to boost my own sexy meter, I slip on some stockings or stay-ups and wiggle into a great dress.

What is your partner’s favourite style of clothing on you? My husband makes no secret of his preference – he would love it if I wore dresses, skirts, suits and heels more often. Of course, my current employment doesn’t really play into his strong fashion desires – which may explain his requests for something sexier.

What are the sexiest pair of shoes you have in your closet right now? I own these amazing black leather high heel boots with an open toe … hot, hot, hot. And I know when I wear them, either with jeans or a dress, the guys are always stealing those second peeks. Yes, I saw you …

Can you walk well in high heels? No, I always feel like I’m going to fall over. But like a lot of women, I’ll endure the agony every now and then to look amazing

Do you sleep in pajamas, underwear or nothing at all? Most of the time, nothing. In the colder months around here, an old t-shirt.

Have you ever cross-dressed? No, but I think I might have worn a shirt backwards once …

Name one thing in your bedroom you don’t want anyone to find. Oh boy … just one? Um, perhaps this really large black dildo I have. Sex toys can be explained … large rubber realistic-looking cocks will raise an eyebrow no matter how you try to explain it.

Andee     xoxo

Sexy Northern Angel

Location, Location, Location …

Lately I have been posting on Twitter looking for update ideas from those of you who have expressed an interest in my website. Having now celebrated my 12th anniversary as a Southern Charm model, and posted my 410th update, I think it is even more important for my future success to try to grasp what it is that people want to see.

Southern CharmsNot long ago, someone asked me how I made decisions on what to wear and where I took my photos. In my constant search for something that will appeal, I occasionally peruse other sites and surf for a bit of porn here and there … all the while trying to keep in mind that I have my own limits and boundaries – or what my hubby refers to as “brand.” But, for the most part, I leave a lot of that up to him – and the occasional fan or special online friend that send me outfits/lingerie to pose in.

On the surface I think I fall into a certain kind of amateur porn genre. I’m certainly not a dominatrix with a penchant for serious kink … nor am I wild and crazy chandelier-swinging group-sex diva. I’m really just the woman who might live next door, who just happens to have an intriguing secret life.

Outfits tend to be the somewhat easier challenge to meet. For the most part, I’m at the age where the schoolgirl fantasy costume has been retired. I tend to think I’m a bit too old to pull that off, despite only being 39.

I’ve kind of slid into the office fantasy woman more than anything else, really. The woman you might flirt with, or take an extra long look at as she walks past your desk … the one who dresses professionally, but leaves you wondering if what is underneath her work clothes might suggest something wilder. Of course, it’s also a fantasy I’ve played out in real life, so it helps bring that mood to my website every now and then.

However, I don’t want to risk being just that kind of webmodel. I’ve seen some sites where the model has hundreds of updates, but other than the skirt and shoes she’s wearing, absolutely nothing changes – same poses, same room, same, same, same …

That said, I’m sure they face the same challenges as I do when it comes to shooting in different locations. At this stage in my life, my home environment is pretty restrictive. My children have grown into young men and their daily routines around the house (more importantly, how late they now stay up at night) means that I have to be pretty creative when it comes to getting an update done. And while booking hotel rooms, etc. might seem like a simple solution, things like that quickly add up in expense.

So, you can kind of see why I like to get some insight from the people who spend a little fantasy time with me.

Andee     xoxo

Sexy Northern Angel

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