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2014 Erotica Collection

A Wife In The MiddleWell, it was a year in the making – and as you’ll see, some stories have been raised from the dead to become part of my 2014 summer reading program!

A Wife In The Middle

This year, my collection is a blend of different stories, mostly with “Andee” as the focal point – but hopefully you’ll find all of them exciting and worthy of your time. Each of them draws you deeper into my imagination, with hints at things I have experienced in real life and lots of ideas of what I would like to experience. Well, except maybe the one story within that takes Andee into a much darker sexual place than she (or I) would ever really want to endure.

I hope you enjoy this summer’s collection of naughtiness. Much like last year, this ebook will remain free until September 21st … and as always, feel free to send me your ideas for future stories; and if you feel the need, constructive criticism.

Happy reading and have a hot summer!

Andee  xoxo

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Something Is About To Be Revealed


Join me on May 26 for the unveiling of something new, erotic and exciting …

Andee     xoxo



Some Time Away


The sign says it all, guys … I’m going to be taking a break away from blogging. I’m not quitting, by any means, I just need to focus my attention on some other things I have been working on – such as editing some exciting new erotic stories for a new eBook out in a couple weeks. With only a few moments to myself these days, I need to set something aside while I finish what I started, if you know what I mean.

It’s still my intention to keep you visually amused with my features: Miniskirt Monday, Topless Tuesday and Thigh High Thursday.

Enjoy the arrival of Spring and I’ll see you for Sex Education Month in June!

Andee     xoxo

Sexy Northern Angel

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