Thigh High Thursday

“In olden days a glimpse of stocking

was looked on as something shocking

but now, God knows, anything goes.”

~ Cole Porter

Follow the link to see 1,000s of pics on me in all stages of undress …

  1. you ladies are hott hope to see more pics. great job

  2. Such Beautiful Sexy legs!

  3. You’re a very beautiful woman. Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Nice !

  5. Such pretty eyes … could get lost in them for a long time ….

  6. TGiTT … very flirty …

  7. Wow … you look fabulous !

  8. AARGH ! Very nice there matey ! Skull and Cross Bones … very chic … and nice skirt slit … nice thighs !

  9. As usual…beautiful!!!!

  10. As usual…beautiful!!!! Can’t say enough

  11. Mmmmm … what a beautiful neck … : )

  12. Thank you…beautiful

  13. Happy Thigh Hi Thursday to you … interesting pair to day … nice casual look !

  14. What beautiful hair and what a pair of panties or is that some “cat’s cradle” string design?

    We need a day for pantyhose, lol

  15. Absolutely smokin’ today. Many thanks.

  16. Mmmmm … I like the color purple …

  17. Mmmmm … nice lips 😚

  18. Beautiful as always..proud to be acquainted

  19. Hmmm … I was trying to figure out what was going on in the picture … and then it dawned on me … you were telling everybody to “better watch out and stand back … explosive orgasms to cum” … thanks for the warming

  20. Oops .. meant to say … thanks for the warning !

  21. Mmmmm … yes … i will take what you are offering … and have lots of fun with your neck and ear … long slow licks … blowing gently on your neck after each lick … nibbling … softly biting … and that’s just your neck for starters … you have no idea what I will do to your ear !!!!!

  22. Blue on Blue in Blue … one of my favorite colors … and lacey to boot !

  23. OMG … makes you just want to reach out and unbutton your jacket and let the girls out to play … or maybe reach out and pull the top of your panties and take a little look see … or just caress up and down your legs. … decisions, decisions, decisions … 😊😉😈😍😚

  24. Silver Surfer

    Hmmmm … now that is a pair of intriguing panties … I wonder what those look like … and a watch … don’t recall you wearing a watch much … but you look gorgeous 😉

  25. Wonderful pics..exciting

  26. Love seeing you in anything… Beautiful

  27. Great pics..beautiful as always

  28. Welcome back. You were missed. This pictures is absolutely aces. thx

  29. Some of your best. Thanks

  30. Wonderful post

  31. I’m going to miss that Christmas tree when it rolls off next Thursday. Too sexy.

  32. That was my favorite update on SC

  33. Very nice to see you, Ms. Andee!

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