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Sex | Know Your Limits

So thrilled that the end of the week is here once again…except that I have to work tomorrow…price I pay for a day off last week.

Recently I noticed that a couple of my usual reads had been doing this blog called Formspring Fridays, where they would randomly answer some of the questions they had been sent on the site. And since this past week has not been a wildly relaxing one for me, I thought what better way to spend sometime with all of you by letting you in on my thoughts.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were not comfortable complying with the adventurous request of a lover?

Without question, my whole experience here has been about my own personal journey. In sharing with you, the idea has been to focus on the naughty thoughts, deepest desires and lustful moments that have come my way. This blog thing has been an incredible outlet for me to share what is on my mind and in my fantasies.

But, there are parts of my adventure that I can’t share. For very obvious reasons, the guilty remain protected by a publication ban. Plus the nicknames I give them make it so much more intriguing – especially for anyone who knows that I do this and may be following along.

I am sure many of you have your various limits on what you are willing to do when it comes to sexual situations.

I think the easiest example for me to share on this goes back to the first time my hubby and I decided to play around with another couple. These were people that were friends and we had discussed the idea of a little bedroom play with them and came up with a plan. The night we had agreed upon, we all went out dinner and then back to their house for a few drinks.

As the night went along, we decided to get in to their hot tub together. Things heated up to the point where I ended up sitting on our male friend’s lap, kissing him. Everyone was naked, and he was obviously turned on by the moment. It was a good time to slow things down just a little, so I slipped off his lap – and away from the erection that had been poking ever so close to my pussy.

So not to bring the whole night to a grinding halt, my hubby encouraged me to turn my attention to our female friend. She and I kissed and touched each other quite a bit, but as the guys were really enjoying the show, it was just the right time to suggest things cool down just a little. There was no sense in taking too many risks too soon with our foursome playtime.

And in the long run, it was the right decision at the time…even if theguys had to wait a few weeks before they would get to see her and I enjoy each other orally.

And even with my current situation with my Office Guy. I know that each time I take a few minutes to stop by and visit him in his office, the risk is there for throwing caution to the wind and surrendering to my lust.

I mean, seriously, sharing a steamy kiss in his office as he presses his obvious erection against me…it would have only taken one little tug on my panties and a quick zip of his pants and things could have been much different. And as sure as I am that my friend would be a willing playmate, I also understand the reality of keeping our sanity at times like that.

There are better ways to share that desire.

I know there are probably other times when I felt hesitant to jump into a sexual moment, and without question, as my adventure continues there will be others.

But that’s what makes the journey interesting.

Andee     xoxo

Fantasies | Can It Still Be One

Sorry that I haven’t had something sexy to occupy your mind with in a couple days. Every now and then life seems to get in the way of all the naughty fun we have together. Anyway, I managed to sneak in a few minutes to taste my coffee and let my mind wander back into the place where we have the most fun: my imagination!

My first thought on this exceptionally wonderful day was to answer a question that has plagued couples for a very long time: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

But it occurred to me that I probably wouldn’t notice how much wood a woodchuck could chuck, because I would be getting some wood as I wrapped my arms around a tree and hiked up my hem.

OK…just kidding.

A friend had asked me the other day about my fantasy, and now that some parts of it had become a reality, what did that mean for the fantasy overall. Would I now look for others, or would this one still be a fantasy?

I have many different fantasies when it comes to my sexual adventure. Some are just those crazy thoughts that occupy my mind on occasion, while others are more captivating – and potentially worth pursuing.

Just because I was able to spend an incredible hour with my Office Guy a couple weeks ago, experiencing the sexual tension between us come to a realistic moment – and while my husband looked on approvingly – doesn’t mean that the thought of it all comes to a conclusion. There is still a great deal of the fantasy that I would like to explore.

The experience I did have answered a few of those questions that pop into my mind. But at the same time, like all great sexual experiences should do, it has left me with an even deeper wonder about my fantasy.

In a way, it is a bit like that chocolate cake I used as an analogy in my blog on Friday. Having a taste leaves you wanting to have another piece. Finding the point where you have had just enough in one sitting is the challenge. After dessert, you will want more, but you also understand that a little piece here and there is far more delightful.

In this particular fantasy, I have found a few answers and an awful lot of pleasure, but many thoughts remain.

What I don’t know is if the opportunity will present itself again.

Andee    xoxo

Sneak Peek | Do I Have "Sex Only" Panties

Every now and then, I have to look to some of the questions that have come my way in emails, chat and Formspring for some inspiration on my blogs. As I know this week will also be bringing the occasional pervert trying to sneak a peek up my skirt as I ride the train to work, it kind of struck me that this would be an appropriate idea for some naughtiness.

Do you have panties that are only for those “I know I’m having sex” nights?

The easy answer is yes, don’t we all?

It’s a bit of the Bridget Jones in all of us … if you have seen the movie, you know there is a scene where she scolds herself for wearing sensible underwear when it becomes obvious that she is about to be in a sexual situation.

My traditional selection of knickers revolves around the very comfortable, and still flattering should anyone get an unscheduled peek at them, bikini-style. This has been my panty of choice since I was a teenager. I’ve never been a thong girl, and won’t even get into a debate about that week each month when it just becomes a whole different purpose down there.

I’m also not the type to flash my t-bar every time I need to squat down at work, but I’m also someone who is fairly conscious of what I wear under my clothes influences how I feel about myself. If I want to feel sexy and confident, I need to have a feeling that I look sexy and confident. And underwear is the foundation on which I build that sentiment.

I am also an exceptionally lucky girl. I have a husband that is very intimate with Victoria and her Secrets, so I also have a drawer full of microfibre options at my fingertips. I will dress for sex, and have no shame in doing so.

As such, there are very specific pairs of panties in my collection that I will slip on, knowing who will be seeing them … knowing that I will be employing all my feminine charms to coax him into bed. On those occasions I have no problem setting aside my traditional bikini-style preference and will slip on a sexy Brazilian tanga, or a thong. Their time on my body will be short-lived, so I will deal with the slight discomfort of having “butt floss.”

My biggest goal in those moments is to see the look in his eye at the moment when my clothes hit the floor and I am standing there in just a tiny wisp of fabric between my moist desire and his throbbing passion.

So don’t be fooled. Every pair of panties are a carefully planned selection.

Andee     xoxo 

Humour | 10 Things About Having A Penis

I was reading the somewhat humourous article by Toronto blogger Josh Bowman entitled Ten Things I’ve Learned From Having A Penis, and I thought it would kind of fun to add my own thoughts from a woman’s perspective on having a penis. Now, as you know, there are only a couple of ways that we can actually have a penis … most of which are covered here.

I was 15 years old when I first had a penis. As I blogged about before, it wasn’t the greatest or most memorable experience; in fact, I wish I had waited a while longer before I tried a penis. But, it is what it is and I have really worked hard at living my life without regrets … and homicidal tendencies.

So, as a little weekend distraction, here are a few of things I have learned from having a penis:

  1. Sometimes it can hurt. While a woman possesses the necessary receptacles to host a penis or two on occasion, if the proper preparation has not occurred, the arrival of an unannounced penis can be physically shocking.
  2. Most penises are very friendly. I have learned that a lot of owners of a penis are frequently willing to share it.
  3. The owner of the penis is also willing to share it in some very unusual places. When I was younger, this meant sharing the penis is places like the back seat of the car, behind my parent’s barn, in the fort my brother built in the woods. As I got older and more familiar with the penis, the owners starting making requests for new places to actual visit with the penis … and they didn’t mean in the bush anymore.
  4. No matter how nicely you talk to a penis, it will occasionally spit at you. Except the rubber ones. They just taste like blueberry sex lube.
  5. No matter how much the owner of the penis tells you that it doesn’t taste that bad when a penis spits at you, he never seems to want to indulge in any kind of kissing after you have had a penis in your mouth.
  6. At some point in a relationship – even more so if I have indulged in a little too much tequila, the penis will try to slip in the back door.
  7. If you talk really dirty to me, even if I have not had a little too much tequila, I will let a penis in through the back door … but some penises don’t like to hear that you are also interested in having another penis come in through the front door for the same party.
  8. Some penises love it when I have too much tequila, but they do not feel all that spunky if they have had a little too much tequila.
  9. Those who own the penis are very self conscious about any comparisons to other penises.
  10. I prefer to have a penis that knows what it can do to me, as opposed to a penis that just takes up all the available space and doesn’t know how to behave like a real penis.

Now, the are many other delightful things I have learned from having a penis, such as how when used properly, a penis can make my eyes roll into my head, my back arch and toes curl. Or how it will make me use the kind of language that makes a seasoned sailor blush. But despite all the things I have learned from having a penis, I can say that I am having much more fun as someone who just gets to borrow it on occasion than actually owning it. Ownership seems like far too much work.

Have an awesome weekend. I’m off to see if someone I know that owns a penis might be interested in visiting for a little while.  😉

Andee     xoxo

TFIF | Inspired By A Word Prompt

Yesterday, while nestled into the rather unbending seat on my morning train, I was looking around at some of the other tweets and blogs that I like to keep up on. One of my usuals – Gemma Jones – was sharing this idea for TFIF which I found really interesting. I can relate to a lot of what Gemma has written and shared because, like me, she is opening up her sexual adventure for you to enjoy. Life is meant to be explored, and it makes me feel a little less “alone” when I know there are many others out there that see it as an adventure, not just a condition.

And, as someone who struggles some days to bring you something intriguing to read, the idea of having to write an entry based on a single word struck me as the kind of challenge I could really put my libido to!

I suspect others will have their own take – some fictional, some erotic – mine is just going to be the naughty thoughts that swirl around (like that is a big leap anyway). I hope you like it.

This week’s word:


When I think of that word, it takes me back to an old house that had those doors with the “Hollywood” keyholes that you could see through. And these days, I wonder how much fun one of those could be in fulfilling both mine and my husband’s voyeuristic fantasies. So, here are a few of the things I would love to see through the keyhole:

1. My husband with another woman

Strangely, this is my fantasy more than his. But it also helps me understand why he was so supportive and caring about me to achieve mine last week. I would love to watch him as he does all those wonderful things to another woman…to see his hands touch her all over, to watch her reactions through the foreplay. It would be an incredible experience for me to watch him get oral. I would love to watch her face at the moment he slides into her, and then to watch his sexy butt. I would love to see him at the moment of climax…there’s just too many hot things about what I would like about this!

2. My husband masturbating

I know this is something that a lot of men are not very comfortable with sharing. I think I kind of understand; guys have been “taught” that self-gratification is a very private thing – and for many, a very dirty, sinful thing. Some men I know think women see masturbation as a sexual dysfunction: why would you do that when I am here, am I not good enough for you … etc. When, in fact, it is a very normal and healthy activity – that I just happen to love seeing men do!

3. Another couple having sex

It has been a long time since I have been able to watch this…and that last time was a bit of a scramble as there were four of us in bed, each with our own partner and each doing pretty much the same thing. I would love to just be able to watch. And this is so much better than the typical “put in a porn flick.” I want to be able to see all the little nuances of the moment, how she pushes her heels into the mattress as he thrusts into her…the beads of sweat…to hear the moans and passion they share in the moment.

4. Another woman cumming

As someone who is only recently becoming a bit more comfortable with this being a ‘public’ act, I am also a little ‘double standard’ about it still. But to watch another woman bringing herself to orgasm – heck even without a vibrator – is something absolutely delicious that I would love to be a part of.

5. Someone peeking at me

If you haven’t noticed by now – after all my blogs, tweets and 10 years of posting on my wesbite – that I have a little exhibitionist in me … well … you’re missing out! It has long been a fantasy of mine to have someone watch me have sex. It’s a very exciting fantasy that, despite already being a reality for me, continually gets me going. It’s why I have mirrors in my bedroom.

There you go, some wonderfully voyeuristic thoughts on what I would like to see through one of those old-fashioned keyholes. Now, I’m off to Home Depot to see if they still make them!

Andee     xoxo
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