My Naughty Secret

Some of you have asked me: “What is your website all about?”

Well, it is part of my adventure that I have been pursuing for more than 17 years now; exploring some of my fantasies, turning some in reality, learning about my sexual interests, sexuality, orientation and having a great time in front of the camera for you guys … that and getting laid an awful lot!

My website has a few different elements to it. There are quite a few free photos for everyone to enjoy, but my members get a really good idea of just how much I like to let it all hang out. And the occasional lucky one has even been able to help me out along the way! I have thousands upon thousands of photos for you to see, taking you from soft and sexy to downright raunchy and hardcore. You will see me in a whole array of lingerie, costume fantasies and just plain buck-naked! You’ll even have the chance to tell me how you want to see me: you won’t get that from too many other websites with tired, old “canned” content.

And so, what started out as my little naughty secret has grown into something I like to think of as an exclusive club. Some of your sexy e-mails and fantasies have certainly added to my thrill at knowing my friends get turned on by all of this. Combined with this blog and my social media fun, it really makes my adventure a truly interactive experience.

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