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7 things you need to know about flirting with a married woman

Something a little more fun today – or alarming, depending on your perspective – about playful interaction between the sexes.

can_i_flirt_with_you_cartoon_character_t_shirt-p2355995203741321143myt_400Seven somewhat disappointing things you really need to know about flirting with a married woman

  1. The first – and most obvious – thing to keep in mind is that she is taken. To her, the flirting may all be very innocent. She may allude to the potential for naughtiness in the innuendos, but unless she is a card-carrying member of the some 34% of those recently surveyed on infidelity, the only exchange between you and her will be the playful banter.
  2. Married women – not all, but definitely a large number – have a very deep-routed psychological reason for flirting with men other than their husband. Chalk it up to primal gender evolution, but she wants to know in her own mind that she can attract potential mates. All of us want to find some security in knowing we have broader appeal; some validation that even though we’re married, there are options.
  3. She doesn’t want to give up the thrill of the chase. Flirting helps her feel young and vibrant; an opportunity to shed her always-responsible wifely/motherly personality and engage her libido in a way that may not always get fired up at home.
  4. She’s bored. She may have the wildest, most solid marriage and sex life of any woman around – but she still lusts for the playful interaction to help distract her mind from the mundane. Call it … NASCAR for her mind; intellectually unchallenging, but the roar of the engines can be fun for an afternoon.
  5. She enjoys it far more than you realize. Of course, there are certain HR rules that must be adhered to if you’re flirting in the workplace – you can thank your male counterparts who violated the boundaries for that. But despite what light-hearted playful things she might say to you, her mind is just as dirty as yours.
  6. Which leads us to … at least once since you began the playful game with her, she has thought about having sex with you. It may never, ever happen – and she may never, ever admit to it – but she has. There’s a good chance she’s also thought the same about one or two of your male workplace peers … just in case you like competition. And, she’s probably had those thoughts while she’s at home getting some mattress action.
  7. There’s a very strong chance that her husband is completely aware. He may not know the depth of the playful banter and mischievous innuendos, but he knows she flirts. And every now and then, he reaps the sexual rewards of your efforts.

It’s also important to note that for many people – married or not – flirting is simply a fun way to interact with the opposite sex (and in some cases, the same sex). There may be very little motivation behind it, other than opportunity and human nature. Women are masters at making the line between flirtatious friend and potential sex partner very, very blurry.

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Tread carefully, but have fun!

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