Sex In My 40s – Bucket List Items

I think everyone still has those thoughts in mind that if they could, they would check off a few items on the bucket list, sexual of otherwise. In my case, there may be one or two things like I would still like to experience.

The primary one would be to have a proper threesome experience with my husband and another man. As you know, if you follow my blog, I’ve had a few close calls … and explored sexually with another couple as a foursome. But to have that real threesome would be an experience for me.

The challenge – before all you volunteers line up – isn’t about finding any ol’ partner to join us; the challenge is that I am still very much a romantic at heart. For me to engage in sex with another person, I  need to feel some sort of chemistry between us.

I know for some women, it’s not so much of an issue – sex is sex, and let’s just get it done. The older I get, actually the less sexually free in that sense I become. I would like my sexual experiences to have some meaning; a small degree of intimacy and mutual connection. If you’re going to stick it in me, I’d like to know you have a sliver of interest in me as a person, not just as some temporary cock garage.

So going out and just getting a hard dick for the night isn’t where my fantasy takes me.

The other experience would probably be somewhat similar, in that I would like to like to have an equally proper bisexual experience with another woman … only this time, just me and her, no expectations, no horny husbands waiting in the wings to jump in afterwards. No, I would like to have that moment selfishly all to myself …. and maybe an extended encounter; a weekend away where we could spend a couple of days indulging each other in some of the greatest girl on girl sex we could muster.

I love my husband, and my previous bisexual encounters were delightful, but it would be great to not have any masculine expectations, or feel that things must be hurried (or posed) for that male perspective.

Andee     xoxo

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Canadian girl-next-door, blogger, flirt, office distraction, source for Secret Girl Knowledge, Southern Charms model, sexual adventurer, sexy northern angel

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  1. Excellent commentary

  2. I love the way I read your page and it is like another me speaking! I am totally in agreement with the girl girl comment. I mostly refuse to perform girl girl sex when there are male onlookers. Mostly because I am selfish and want the experience to be authentically about me and her but also because if there is a penis in the room …

    • I know – it becomes a ‘show’ for them, entertainment that they think they should have some reward for afterwards. I want the time to be me, to enjoy the moment and feel that tenderness and come down from the high without being expected to ‘service’ an audience. xo

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