Multiple sex partners – is there a limit?

Interesting results from an online poll I discovered while surfing the Internet this morning. The survey, albeit not scientific by any means, was asking husbands to pick how many men they would like to watch their wives have sex with.

Over 43% of those responding said they’d like a decent crowd – 4+ men pleasuring their wives.

In this house, the topic of such an event has been at the root of many wonderful and steamy sexual moments between my husband and I. As a couple, we’ve worked hard to reach a point where – in the heat of the moment – we can share some of our naughtiest thoughts and fantasies. It’s something that helps raise the level of passion, but also allows us those moments of critical vulnerability needed to foster intimacy.

But as a couple, we’ve also invested a great deal of effort, understanding and conversation around those fantasies and desires. And like many couples in long-term relationships, it’s allowed us to know each other better – because, let’s be honest, everyone changes as they mature; and so do your fantasies and willingness for experimentation.

The curious confession I need to make – the scenario of me with other men has always been his idea. For many years, both before marriage and into the early years of it, I never imagined myself in such a situation. It’s not something I ever brought up uninitiated. My sexual fantasies have always focused on a less crowded scenario.

Even when we dipped our toes into the swinging lifestyle for a few years, it wasn’t about me exclusively with others; it was a partnership in sexual discovery. If it was happening to me, it had to be reciprocal for my husband.

There’s a lot of science – honest and junk – that suggests reasons for why men have this notion of their wives engaging in sex with other men. Often the focus is around sperm competition and our ancient instincts for breeding. Lately, with the aggressive nature of politics in the US, there’s been a heightening of attention around the idea of “cuckolding” as a power game.

In my world, with no scientific elements, the notion of me having sex with other men has been a singular factor according to my husband: “I just want to see you in that moment of incredible sexual pleasure.”

I’ve always found it odd that he doesn’t want anything out of it for himself. I challenge him, with “and what’s in it for you?”

“I get to watch you at the height of sexual indulgence,” he says. It still confuses me, but I’ve learned now to just enjoy and appreciate that he wants that for me – especially when I hear from girlfriends about the selfish nature of their spouses.

So, you’re asking, where do I end up on all of this? If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know “one” has fit into most of where I’ve been at since my sexual adventure began. And while I’m not sure I’m quite the girl for a bukkake Friday night, given the passage of time, the evolution of my sexual experience and growth of my fantasies … I’m absolutely game to let my husband sit in his corner (camera in hand) and let me lose myself at the hands and hardness of two sexy men on a mission to send me into orgasmic nirvana.

Not to mention, I’ve kind of grown to like that idea of being the cross-strut in my own human rendering of the Eiffel Tower.

Andee     xoxo

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