Take Me From Behind Boys!

Back in 2011, when my blog was located elsewhere on the Internet, I ran a series I called “Sexy Sundays.” It was a summertime collection of some more intimate details of my life; an idea that was voted on by my readers as something they wanted to read more of. When I moved to WordPress, those entries were kind of left in the archives of my hard drive, but I found them and figured they would make for some great updates every now and then. I hope you enjoy them; and as always, feel free to comment or send me some ideas/questions that you would like to see here.

Why is your favorite sex position your favorite?

I’m very much a doggy-kind-of-girl. I just love it when my man will tell me to get on my hands and knees, slips around behind me and then takes me. There is something exceptionally exciting about the sensation of him sliding into me for the first time, the warmth of his cock in the moist heat of my pussy, sliding so deep that his balls are banging against me. Mmmm. Get’s me going just thinking about it.

I also love the feeling of a guy’s hands on my ass, grabbing my cheeks for leverage and to pull me against him as he slides all the way in. When a guy really gets going like this, it feels so deep, and so good. If he’s really rock hard, I’m moaning in no time. I really enjoy when the guy uses as much of his length, making sure to keep pushing that swollen dick across my g-spot over and over.

The other reason I love doggy-style is so both he and I have at least one hand free for a little extra feeling. I really get off when my guys plays with my ass a little, maybe teasing me in that little spot in-between … you know the one. Then I like to slide my hand back and start to play a little myself from the front! Mmmm … OK, now I’m hot and bothered.

Oh, and one of the other great things I learned about doggy-style is that it also leaves you free to play, tease and enjoy anyone else that might be added to the mix. There is nothing that gets me hotter than remembering the sensation of using my mouth on my girlfriend while being taken from behind.

Andee     xoxo

Sexy Northern Angel

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  1. Absolutely wonderful article. .outside the subject matters. .you are a very talented writer. .looking forward to more

  2. I really enjoy how open you are about you and your relationships with others and the sexual things you do! Your pictures of your Beautiful Self are an Awesome Bonus! Thank You Very Much!

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