Happy Canada Day!


Thanks for stopping by my new home today. I hope you enjoy some of the great new things that you’ll find on my blog … starting today with a sexy new eBook filled with all my erotic writing.

I moved over to this site because my former online neighbourhood decided it was OK to ignore all the truly illegal things that happen online (copyright infringements, hate speech, etc) but they would not tolerate the naughty little girls like me that enjoy sex a bit too much … and want you to tag along for the adventure.

Oh well, water under the bridge as I am now looking at the many new options available to me to continue the journey.

For those who are used to all my weekly updates, such as Miniskirt Monday, Topless Tuesday and Thigh High Thursday … yep, they’re all here too! Nothing has changed except your bookmarks, I hope!

And to all my hot and sexy Canadians – Happy Canada Day! Have a good one, eh!

Andee   xoxo


About andeesc2

Canadian girl-next-door, blogger, flirt, office distraction, source for Secret Girl Knowledge, Southern Charms model, sexual adventurer, sexy northern angel

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  1. Miles Archer

    Oh Canada!

    Hope the new home is better for you than the old. As always, thanks for sharing a peek into your world.


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