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Another Tuesday means another week of sharing too much information with you guys. Sadly this week will be a bit short, as the subject doesn’t really touch on any of my experiences. Call me sheltered … but I will still give it a good try and leave you with something interesting to think about.

The folks at TMI Tuesday want to know a little about how we “get off” and our “booty call” habits. So, with those ideas all hooked up in my mind, I hope you’re not too disappointed with what you don’t learn this week.

1. Have you ever initiated a booty call?

To me, a booty call is something that happens between two people who are not necessarily romantically connected, so with that in mind, no I haven’t. But if you think of a booty call as just a sexual hook-up between two people who may be dating … but on that specific occasion are only getting together that night just to get laid, yes.

2. Have you ever accepted a booty call?

Kind of the same answer as above … depending on your definition of booty call.

3. Ever had a “friend with benefits” relationship? How long did it last? Are you still friends or acquaintances with that person? Are you still having sex with that friend?

This is something that seems to just orbit around my current sexual adventure. In our exploring of our desires and fantasies, my husband and I have dabbled closely with trying to take things to the “friends with benefits” level, but it has never truly reached that point.

4. Tell us about your best one-night stand, what made it so good?

Um … I wish I could, but I have never had a one-night stand.

5. When was your last one-night stand?

Sadly, see above …

6. What’s the grimiest, dirtiest place that you’ve had sex?

It’s a little hard to imagine how this counts as grimy and dirty, but I would have to say the family boathouse. My family owns a small boat house about an hour and a half from where I live, it’s big enough to fit my father’s bass boat but not much more. And since there isn’t any services down there – such as toilet or hydro – it isn’t a constant destination for me. Back when I was dating my hubby, we used to spend a lot more time going out on the boat, for obvious reasons, and I know we did it at least a few times in the boat house too – among the ancient fishing line and poles hanging on the wall, the cobwebs and recycled jugs, worm cans and old tackle boxes. 

Bonus: What’s the one random thing you wish your friends knew about you?

A dangerous question … I’m not sure I want them to know too much for fear of being judged. Now, you’re likely to say friends wouldn’t do that, but I’m no longer that naive. We all judge, even our closest friends and family. That said, the one thing I wish more people knew about me is that I am actually a very approachable person. I’m not sure why, but for most of my life, people have tended to be gravitate towards my friends and kind of surreptitiously gotten to know me. Also, that I really don’t mind being alone every now and then. I find it somewhat intriguing how people find it awkward to observe someone enjoying a moment alone … such as dining alone at a restaurant.

Oh … and that I’m not kidding when I say my husband does the majority of my clothes shopping. And that I really do find those “old-fashioned” stockings a sexy way to have some fun at work. Ok, maybe not that last part too much. That would definitely be a bit too much information for them to know about me!

Andee     xoxo

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  1. Sexy story for #6! Years ago my family had vacation property which included a boathouse of sorts. It wasn't actually grimy or dirty, just poorly kept-up in the off season. And yes, I had lots of sex there, sometimes in the boat itself.I can really relate to your bonus answer. The reason we keep so much of our sex life to ourselves is partially out of consideration, i.e. so as not to reveal to them things they'd rather not know; and partially out of fear of judgment. I'd love it if true friends didn't judge. But like you, I'm not so naive as to believe that our friendship trumps their comfort zone. I'm very aware that some of our friends are our friends largely because of how they perceive us.-Jack

  2. I always feel awkward dining alone at a restaurant or going to the movies alone. There is just something more comforting about having someone to enjoy it with.

  3. I understand your point with the bonus question, but at the same time I am sad for you. I can, and do, tell my friends pretty much anything and everything. TMI is kinda my middle name in some aspects. They may disagree, or even disapprove in their hearts, but they don't overtly judge.the motto: 'you're an adult, it's your choice' is pretty much the rule with us. So long as we aren't harming ourselves. Lots of support and love no matter the choice. But, a lot of my friends are in mental health, social work, clergy, et at. And most of us walk a very different spiritual path than mainstream US society. Harm none, do what you will (the Wiccan Rede) pretty much applies though none of us are Wiccan.But as to what Jack said– there are just some things that people don't need to know. Sexual activities are generally on that list. That's not a TMI issue in many ways, but a privacy boundary. My friends and I do discuss sex a great deal, but we leave out the specifics. It's more along the lines of "he flipped me over and started 69ing me, and then I can't concentrate" as opposed to, this was the scene we played out and here are all the details.And my TMI and TNH are both up in case you're interested.

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