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This is probably one topic that could keep going around and around as I get deeper and deeper into my sexual adventure. And while it has been a marvelous 10 years of exploring, gradually experimenting and experiencing new things, I am continually amazed at both what I learn from other people in terms of fetishes, and how my own kinks and sexual quirks seemingly evolve along the way.

I can’t say that any of mine border even close to some of those truly outrageous requests I have gotten through my website and videos over the past decade … some of which still leave me scratching my head. I think mine are relatively tame and yet still sexy enough to be intriguing and maybe a bit unusual among my offline circle of friends. Naturally, I am making a bit of an assumption there, as I don’t really know what goes on behind their bedroom doors.

So when this Formspring question made an appearance, I thought “I have an answer to that!”

What is one of your favourite fetishes, and why?

Quite a while back I wrote about how I was learning to really understand what it is men like about women in stockings. For photographic reasons, I was quite comfortable with wearing them, along with the more modern version, thigh highs. But other than my wedding day, and a few steamy date nights, I had not really explored the idea of wearing hosiery as such, as part of my office attire.

And while it is something that always proves to be a worthwhile fashion choice – given the reactions it produces at home and at work – like all good fetishes, moderation is the key in keeping it exciting and erotic each time. I think if I wore them everyday, or at least every time I dressed up for work or a date, it may get a little too expected. Part of why it is a favourite fetish is the reaction of the guys, not just the ideas in my own mind.

I have definitely come to appreciate the sideways glances, and occasional downright stare, that I get from the guys I work with. Unlike some women who might see that as a precursor to sexual harassment, I’m thrilled – and somewhat turned on – but the knowledge that they consider me worthy of their lusty looks. I certainly can’t complain when the whole idea is very much planned and expected on my behalf.

I think that is a big part of why I see it as being different from being “objectified.” I set out with a teasing, flirting scheme in mind … trying to be coy on my own to catch the men around me sneaking a peek. And if our eyes happen to meet, I try to give them a knowing little look that says I’m thrilled they noticed and flattered.

And even though the guys may never know if there is a garter belt holding those stockings up, or if I’m jammed into some tortuous control tops, I can’t say I get the same personal feelings from pantyhose … they are just something that I could never feel comfortable in. But stockings, and the occasional romp in thigh highs, make me feel sexy and attractive.

That’s why right now, they are among my favourite fetishes. And, if you really like to see how it plays out, don’t miss my latest update … it’s exactly what this blog is all about!

Andee     xoxo

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  1. I like your fetish too. And find myself a bit jealous of the men at work who get to enjoy your playfulness.~Pete

  2. That's just f'ing hot. DP

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