How I Became Addicted To Your Fetish

Is it something you are growing tired of hearing about?

As you know, over the past couple months I have acquired a whole new appreciation for the very “old-fashioned” fashion of stockings and garters. I understand that when it comes to edgy style, this idea may not rank quite that high, but I am fascinated by how much something relatively not-so-cutting-edge can send men into a drooling tizzy.

Dec6I have thought, perhaps, a super-short skirt would be the thing. Or sky-high stilettos. And I’m sure those are, but when it comes to the very real workplace – you know, that crazy concept that actually pays the bills – neither of those are options for me. I don’t work in fashion, nor anywhere with a brass pole. My reality is a multicultural, conservative, policy-driven environment that frowns upon overt sexuality.

And truth be told, my real-life bravery isn’t even on the same map as what you enjoy here.

The amazing attention that has been bestowed on me during the times I have worn them is something I gobble up with gusto. I wholeheartedly admit that it has been an marvelous boost for my ego. My online friend Matt is mostly to blame for it all. He has been a huge supporter of mine for a long time and he is a big fan of stockings and garters. After I had taken a few photo sets with the stockings and garters Matt sent to me as a gift, my husband said “It would really be a shame if you only wore his gifts in photo updates.”

From there, this part of my adventure opened up. And I suspect some might think this is no big deal, but for this slightly shy science geek, stepping out of any part of my comfort zone is an experience.

One morning, I woke up before my husband, walked into the bathroom and proceeded to get ready for my day at work. Like I often do, I had set out my outfit for the day, so that I wouldn’t need to disturb him while he slept. I found a little note from him stuck inside the dress I was planning to wear, along with the stockings and garterbelt. The whole thing was worth it the moment my husband walked into the kitchen to say goodbye to me before I left for the day.

I know my husband loves me, and we have an awful lot of fun together both in and out of the bedroom, but there is nothing that can mask true lustful surprise on a man’s face. It’s a look that goes right to my heart and knees … and ego. After over 20 years of being together, there aren’t many times left when I can see that sincere expression of delighted shock and desire. It was like watching a kid at Christmas.

Later in the day, when I revealed my fashion leap to my Office Guy the first time, his reaction was equally incredible. To stand just a few feet away from him and do the seductive hiking up of my hem, to see his eyes light up and just stare in amazement was an amazing turn-on for me. Then to allow him to touch and fondle … still a prominent masturbation memory.

I have never really been a big fan of hosiery. I don’t like pantyhose and will muddle through a day with tights only because I have a great outfit and killer boots that require the wearing of them … not to mention Canadian weather. But mostly, whenever possible, I have avoided the idea.

When I launched my website, I started to learn that there were a number of different fetishes that guys had; hosiery being one. Up until a couple months ago, outside of my photo sessions, I had only worn stockings on my wedding day. And even that day resulted with a round of sex.

Hosiery certainly accents a woman’s legs, and the smoothness of the nylon hides any slight imperfections; leaving you with a visual distraction. However, it has taken me a while to begin to understand what it is you guys really do like about a somewhat older fashion statement like stockings and garterbelts.

Stockings, more so than pantyhose, reveal a slightly different side of a woman. These days when they are less common, it suggests she has an adventurous spirit – because let’s be honest, garters and stockings are certainly not the battle-worthy undergarments that our grandmothers wore. The hint of the lace top, the peek of uncovered thigh, and the satiny band of garter that holds the stockings in place stir incredible fantasies in men, or so I’m told.

HosieryI also think that stockings and garterbelts are what take a woman from the practicality of “office attire” that pantyhose suggest to a mature playfulness. The look says she’s no longer going to put on that plaid mini-kilt and pretend she is still in Catholic school, but rather she will slip on that power suit and do naughty, naughty things on the boardroom table.

Stockings are no longer an expected part of a woman’s normal attire, so they seem to hold a flirtatious and salacious surprise when she does slip them on. Stockings are erotic and sensual, pantyhose are everyday.

Therapist and relationship expert Louise van der Velde tells us, “Stockings are sexy because they show a bit of flesh but not everything. I think it’s an association thing with men – they’re used to seeing ­stockings on sexy models in magazines so they trigger a response in the male mind.”

“Men find it sexier when you leave something to the imagination,” explains Joy Davidson, PhD, Manhattan-based sex therapist, author of Fearless Sex and creator of the Joy Spot videos ( Give him a sneak peek at what you’ve got going on under those clothes by feigning an “oopsie” moment, she also suggests.

For me, as someone who has never really embraced the idea of pantyhose as something that are comfortable – and necessary – turning to this slightly outdated style has allowed me to explore a more dressy look and tease the hell out of the men in my life.

That’s worth it all!

Andee     xoxo

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  1. You're so sexy. What a way to start the day.

  2. Right on the money! Great post (and pics). For me there is nothing sexier than stocking and garter belts… I can't tell you why exactly except that the sight of them completely capture me with lust everytime.I wonder what there is an equivalent for you in men's attire?

  3. As a guy who has a major thing for stockings, I'm glad you're into it now as well. It's something my wife doesn't get a lot of the time, but is happy to indulge me on occasion. She has said she does feel sexy when she wears stockings, but it's so difficult with normal day-to-day things. Thanks for a great post.

  4. @Anonymous – thank you so much sweetie. Glad I could help ;-)@H – Maybe it's because pantyhose just aren't that sexy? Stockings have the subliminal message of easy access should it be needed. As for me and men's attire? I love a man in a great fitting suit, but at the same time, I really love it when my hubby wears his baseball hat backwards. Something not often, but has a lifetime of memories in it.@Hubby – I'm really enjoying the experience, although still building up my level of bravery for it to be more frequent. It does make some things more of a challenge from a lady's perspective!xoxo to you all!

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